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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Justin , 09-07-2006

Stoked at Waidroka - Just got back from Waidroka and had a great time there surfing both Pipe and Frigates (our Frigates day was very big...!). Great food and great value. We had some good games of Volleyball and a great time at the bar with the big screen and all day surfing movies. Pipe was very challenging and a tough wave, but I made some barrels and it made my day. I read all about the comments before going and was sceptical, but had a great time and can only recommend....

P.S.Fantastic Food - the best I had in Fiji!

By , 09-07-2006

Waidroka Bay Resort !! - What is the latest with this place ??
Is it still as sus as most people reckon. Has anyone been in the last 2 months. Let everyone know.

By Still Skeptical, Still Elsewhere , 05-07-2006

Sounds like Julian enjoyed Tavarua. - Was your accomodation comp'ed by Boris and Karin? Interesting how your 5-star experience runs counter to every other guest who's stayed at there. Apparantly WBR is hitting the counter-propaganda campaign hard.

By Julian , 28-06-2006

Waidroka was great... - I don't know any of you people and have no idea what you have experienced, but can only write about my own personal experience. I am not a resort critic, as it seems the people from Maui seem to want to be, but simply had a great time as a surfer at waidroka. I have no idea what people who come to a surf resort, but don't surf and don't hit the water have to say about a surf resort and it';s waves anyhow. I had the best time of my life surfing at Waidroka. Frigates was a great trip, I went twice, had no issues with amounts of people going (not to many and never an issue about going out) and had absolutl;ey the best waves ever at a 4-5 hour session out there, which was plenty surf for everybody (as a matter of fact most people where surfed out after 3 hours top waves). I went to Pipe 3x and had some epic barrels (also never an issue about going out or amounts of people nor tides!)and hit Serua Rights twice with a great and easy right hander which got bigger and bigger on the inside. The owners where always there for us and Boris took us out many times and surfed with us, took care of us and made sure we had a great time. Karin his wife took care opf every need we had and the food was fantastic (best I had in Fiji). I had the best surf vacation and would go back anytime. I have no issues with tides, since I am a surfer and did not come to have a white sand beach, but came for the waves. I have no issues with white sand or dark sand or mud or anything else, as long as I can surf - which I had plenty of at Waidroka. So - this is and was my personal experience and for all those non-surfers who are looking for a white sand beach non-surfing vacation go to the Sheraton...

By Carol from Maui , 24-06-2006

Batiluva vs. Waidroka - We stayed at each place for 4 days at the end of May. My general feeling is that I would love to go back to Batiluva, and I would not go back to Waidroka. I didn't surf at either place because I'm not that good of a surfer and the waves were too big for me. Waidroka has more surf spots to chose from, Batiluva only goes to Frigates. But Waidroka is very limited. If you want to go to Pipes and you don't have 3 other people to go with you, you're not going. And if it is before, during, or after low tide, you're not going. There is no beach, just mud, and when the tide goes out, there's lots of mud with the boats high and dry. Batiluva has a beautiful white sand beach, full of shells, palm trees, hammocks, snorkeling from the beach, and boats that come and go anytime for anyone. The boat will go for one person or 10 people. The food at Waidroka was good, the food at Batiluva was GREAT. The coffee at Waidroka is instant (and the "Orange Juice" is fake), you have to pay for brewed - the staff told me that was "common", I have never been in any "restaurant" where you had to pay extra for brewed coffee. At Waidroka, Anita and Guy were nice, but seemed to be limited in what they could do by the owner's rules. At Batiluva, Sharen the owner, was the nicest, most accomodating hostess ever. She even gave up her own bed and bedroom to my friends, because she decided they could sleep more comfortably with their baby there.

By the way, I'm one of the "nasty, stuck up" people that Matt writes about in the message below. I'm not sure what we did to him, why it mattered to him that I didn't surf, or why he had to make his message so personal (which I resent). Yes, we did bring our own glass of wine to a single dinner after our friends were charged a $6.00 corking fee, but we thought that was really steep and definitely not accomodating. In a 20 minute speech at the airport, Matt complained to my husband that Waidroka uses creek water when they run out of collected water - not very sanitary. (Batiluva uses filtered water.) He went on to say many of the same things Doug did about needed changes and "hospitality improvements" so his position below appears hypocritical.

So, again, I'd go back to Batiluva, it's an awesome place.

By Matt , 06-06-2006

Speak for yourself Doug...! - I can't believe the comment from Doug v. Maui. First of all speak for yourself when you talk about Waidroka. I was there at the same time when you where and clearly remeber you being the most stuck up and nasty people. YOU DIDN'T EVEN SURF!!! I had the best time at Waidroka and so did many of the people who stayed thjere during the MONTH i just spent there. The food was great - I can say that being a chef myself and the owners tried really hard to please everyone together with Guy and Anita, who catered to everyones needs. I also remeber Doug you and your friends bringing your own booze to the restaurant and even though the owners asked you nicley to drink it in your rooms and not bring it to the restaurant you hid it and did it anyways...wanckers!

I surfed many times, both local spots and Frigates (whilst you Doug where sitting around with your other stuck-up friends and your bay - doing nothing) and I had the best time.

I am planning to come back to Waidroka next year and wikll stay for a month again. I will also get in touch with some of the other guests who where there whilst you where Doug to answer to your comment about speaking for everybody wanting to leave...

By Barry , 06-06-2006

Waidroka - Just wanted to add my experience recently, which was great at Waidroka. Food, hospitality and surfing was great - no complaints. Owners where very helpfull and accommodating and waves where right on. If Frigates wasn't on we surfed Pipe twice (a bity scary barrel) and serua once, which was the best right I surfed so far, starting small and getting tripple the size at the inside section. We'll be back. We also went to Batiluva and I can't say the resort catered to us that well, since if there wheren't any waves and the weather was bad it started to get boring. The facilities and shared bathroom,s and toiletts wheren't our thing and we didn't enjoy it as much as we did Waidroka...

By Friend of Fiji , 30-05-2006

Regardless or Irrespective: Pick one - There is no such word as "irregardless". (Regardless will suffice.) But you are SPOT-ON with your review of Waidroka and subsequent satisfaction with Batiluva. WBR is the scourge of the surfing world. I've been saying it for years.

By doug v, maui , 29-05-2006

BATILUVA, GOOD CHOICE - Just got back from batiluva. NOW THIS IS HOW TO RUN A RUSTIC RESORT. very accomidating staff and management, good food, quickest ride to frigates. while we were there, everyone either has extended their stay, or wished that they could extend (irregardless of the weather or if the waves were good or not). THAT SAYS IT ALL, DONT YOU THINK? go there, say hi to sharon, sonny, emma and the gang.

By doug v . maui , 29-05-2006

a fair waidroka opinion - Aloha. well, i will be fair here regarding whats going on at the waidroka resort. My wife and i have been there 3 times now , and have seen 3 different managers. Ill keep this short. The place is being mismanaged. The managers appear to lack resort/hotel mangement experience, resulting in poor service,a lack of maintenance of the resort itself(buildings, etc) and therefore very upset customers (refer to all the other contributions for specific. In the hospitality biz, you have to really cater to your customer and keep the employees stoked to be working there (especially working with the fijian people and their culture). Well, while we were there, the employees were pissed off, and 99% of the customers wanted to leave early (never wanting to return). Maybe the owner's business plan is to just keep on getting the surfers/divers who just pull them up off a brochure and then dont care if they return or not. I hope not. Waidroka could be a good place to be if its run right. The opinion from the surfers while we were there was that the place needs a lump of cash thrown in to get it all up to speed (maintain the buildings/grounds/boats, more boatmen, fix the 4-wheel road to get in there in the first place), work with the employees rather than above them and take care of the paying customers. Honestly, i wont go back unless I hear from the locals that they have changed their philosophy about how to run a resort. The way it seems to be going, they will probobly burn out and someone else will buy in and hopefully do it right. they better, because there are a string of other resorts being built right around the corner. aloha

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