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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By Simon , 22-08-2006

Good or bad, it's all relevant - I have also noticed an upturn in positive WBR comments. I hope it is because they have improved, my issue was never with the quality of the surf, it was with the service and reception I received at the resort.
The reason we all post our comments on this forum is so that we can help other surfers by sharing our experiences, either good or bad. You take that information on face value and make up your own minds, but it's still relevant.
I personally would never go back to WBR, I would stay at the Hideaway and drive down to surf, but again, it's my choice.

By Anonymous , 22-08-2006

The truth about Waidroka... - So after reading all the comments about Waidroka and being totally confused about the place and comments, I had decided to give it a go as part of our last surf trip to Fiji. To put this into perspective for everybody we travelled 2 surfers (20 years plus) with our wives from Nadi, where we hit the Seashell, to Waidroka, then Batiluva (without partners) then Nagigia and finally Tavarua. The trip was excellent overall and we got some great surf in.

Re our Waidroka experience, both in terms of surf and the stay, here is what we experienced:

The Resort is managed by a couple together with some dive instructors. The management was good and all of our needs where taken care of, from check-in to the final bill, which was fair and exactly as quoted (no complaints). The amenities where good and service of the Fijian staff, who where very friendly, was great. Great atmosphere (although very private and secluded it suited us just well, however it seemed that some of the younger surfers wanted more action mainly in terms of girls, which was lacking - not to many single girls there...), excellent food and fun at the bar at nights, with movies (mostly surf and dive), pool competitions and Lovo's. Overall it was a great stay in terms of the resort and we had no complaints, appart from the lack of a swimming pool, which is desirable (it seems that the owners are currently planning to build one, but don't know much about it since all we know is what we heard and have seen...).

As to the surf and service around it, the resort has plenty of boats which go either local or to Frigates. The boats are in real good condition and the Frigates boat was a dual engine 90 HP with plenty of space, shade, lunch etc. on board and a VHF. The trip to Frigates was approx. 45 minutes and a pleasant ride (we heard about rougher rides when the wind and swell is up, but ours where good). The wave was excellent (one of the best lefts we have surfed - even on par with Cloudbreak, at least as part of our experience in both places) and whoever says anything different is a fool. We had no surfguide at the time we where there, however the owner came out with us and surfed with us and took care of us (even down to walking into the reef for another guest who had a broken leash and bringing his board back from a long way out...). We also had a snorkel there and took a Padi DSD intro dive with the instructor at Frigates which was incredible...

We had a couple of Pipe trips locally and Serua (right). The surf was also excellent and the boats and boat boys where great. Pipe is a straight barrel and was a bit to big for our liking at times. Serua was a lot of fun and a great right hander.

The resort handeled the surfers well and took everybody out with a lot of attention to detail and saftey. If there is a complaint it was simply working around the tides, which I guess can't be done in any other way. The worst is that the resort sets the boat up outside and there is a walk through the sand to the boats to get out or in (I've done worst to get to good waves...).

In general the overall experience was great and we had a great time as part of our overall surf trip. Waidroka is way up there compared to the other resorts and definatley a nicer resort experience than the Seashell. It has more breaks than Batiluva, which is somewhat limited with only Frigates. Nagigia was also great but way out there and our journey was tricky to get there , as well as the waves where just big and messy when we where there (they do have some great waves out there, which we saw on the pics and missed by one day...). Tavarua obviously tops them all and is no comparison to any of the others, but one pays for it dearly.

All in all a great trip and we highly recommend Fiji as a surf vacation!

By Telling it like it is. , 10-08-2006

Not ridiculous, but totally honest. - It's so obvious WBR is using this site to combat their negative publicity. But going so far as to claim Frigates has "section after never ending section" is what's ridiculous. It's a world-class wave, no doubt. But anyone who has surfed that wave knows there is a nasty hook at the end. It isn't Cloudbreak. So don't sell it that way. Pipe is fun and gets good. But it's far from perfect as recent posts claim. This forum is meant to inform, not to promote. The fact is, WBR is an undesirable resort in a very desirable place. The onus is on them to improve their service or suffer the consequence of freedom of speech. You'll fool a few. But for those that know, all the spin in the world won't get them off the bottom.

By Anonymous , 10-08-2006

Ridiculous... - Having read some of these comments it seems that everybody against Waidroka hasd gone overboard! Calling Frigates and Pipe a bad wave, not worth the experience...? Both waves have been consistently some of the best waves in Fiji! What are you all about...? Stop the bad mouthing and go surf and go away from wannasurf, so we all have some peace...

By Anonymous , 09-08-2006

to finally. - hi borris, hows your brother smicheal going.

By Anonymous , 04-08-2006

Finally.. - Finally the stupid and repetitive comments are gone and we can have some real sutrf reviews here again. Why don't all those idiots out there who seem to have used this websiote fior their personal vendettas go elsewhere and we can have peace and quiet on this site again. THANK YOU ADMINISTRATOR FOR STEPPING IN!!!

Also for thos who don't know the ads on the side of this site are Google and have nothing to do with this site - so it seems that the administrator finally also got fed up with all those guys repeating themselves over and over and ruining this site.

Let people have a forum here for reviews about their individual experiences and stop ruining this site!

Fiji is a great surfing mecca and whoever wants to go elsewhere just do it and leave us in peace. Waidroka seems to have gotten better and better - so leave them be and leave people to their own reviews and experiences. As a metter of fact it seems that some people are getting pissed off about Waidroka actually becoming a great place and I really am starting to wonder who those are...???

Go Waidroka and make it happen for all those out there still doubting - there are great waves there and at least I am cheering for you!

By Friend of Fiji , 03-08-2006

So much for a free forum - Evidently Wannasurf has become a partner in Waidroka Bay Resort's reclamation project. Removing negative posts? Miraculously positive vibes and 'great barrels' at Pipe? Never-ending (big) waves at Frigates? All of this flies in the face of common knowledge. WBR is notoriously insensitive to labor and guests alike. Pipe is fickle at best. And 'big' Frigates has a nasty tooth at the end preventing 'never-ending' sections that the previous post reports. This forum is intended to inform would-be surfer/travelers of the overall experience at various surf zones around the world. By censoring these posts, you contradict the very nature of this resource. Good is good. Bad is bad. Let the people speak their minds and the wise will sort it out for themselves.

By Anonymous , 01-08-2006

comments - a lot of the negitive comments regarding borris and wbr have been removed..i wonder if that is because they advertise on here?

By Anonymous , 01-08-2006

Stoked at Waidroka... - Just got back and had a great time. Piope was pumping and had some of the best barrels in my life. Frigates was big one day and a never ending wave with many sections, down to the inside which get's quite shallow at low tide...

Waidroka was great - no problems - great food and good people. No idea what all the bitching is about - thanks administrator for getting these foruims back on track to be about places and surfing...

I'll be back for some more barrels at Pipe!

By Admin , 26-07-2006

Admin - please no personnal attack in your comments


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