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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By , 04-10-2006

fiji for beginners - hi there,
can anyone tell me if there are any good and save breaks for someone who just started surfing?
i would appreciate an answer!

By , 03-10-2006

Doing Fiji on the cheap. - Id like to do fiji on the cheap.
But is it possible to get boats out to the reefs if your not staying on a resort?

I would like to stay in a tent or homestay.
Also if i cant do this, which cheap resort should i go to for lefthanders and cheap prices?
I want to surf nomotu or frigates like waves.
Ive heard bad things about waidroka, and it has a few left hand options, im a goofy and seashell doesnt have many lefts that are worldclass.
So any help would be apreciated.

By , 03-10-2006

Staying in Fiji - Hey im prb staying in fiji in jan 07 and was wondering is there plenty of beach break as well as reef breaks coz i dont see myself wanting to boat it out everyday for 3 weeks. Are these the only spots in fiji or are there a majority of spots accessible by foot? call me stupid or whatever but i would love some feedback


By Anonymous , 28-09-2006

MANA SURF - I stayed at Mana for around 7 days to try something different. Mana Lodge runs a boat to waves like Wilkes and there are few completley crap waves in the area that they charge you a bundle to get out to. Anyway when I first got there they said lets go to Wilkes it will be good the tide is coming in. Get there and it is 1ft onshore crapola stuff. Next day same again. Of course you learn. I prepaid for the boat. They cancelled it then charge me for cancelling the prepaid trip. Point. Do not stay at Mana Lodge hoping for an honest crew of people as there are none there. The day Wilkes would have been firing is the day they cancelled the boat. Be warned

By Anonymous , 27-09-2006

Plantation... - I am going to plantation for a trip with the Mrs in Jan. and I am wondering would I be doing solo missions out to the surf and what is the surf like around this time of year?? If anyone knows can ya fill me in, it would be appreciated.


Tassie Boy..

By Anonymous , 21-09-2006

I've seen that a lot - It seems the crew from Waidroka has a curfew at Friggo's. I've been out there when they wave the flag at 1:00 in the arvo and everyone bails at once. We had it to ourselves for the remainder. Half the crowd gone after lunch.

By Anonymous , 19-09-2006

Yacuna goes off - Stayed in Fiji for 2 weeks but only stayed at Yacuna for 6 days. Mate there is everything to love about this place and Frigates is a top quality wave.

Wise and all the gang were exceptional hosts, the food was great and the boat captain Joe was super cool. All the people that were at Yacuna at the time were super cool as well. Thanks Yacuna.

As for the other places everyone, seemed to be into where they were staying whether it was Batiluva or another place. I will say one thing and that is the full time hooter went and the surfers from the bay had to go back so they weren't stranded by the tide. The tide dropped the surf picked up and it got so much better.

By Anonymous , 06-09-2006

Waidroka Experience... - We stayed at Waidroka for one week, being 4 surfers in 2 Bures. Surf was great, atmosphere great, food great and the owners where cool. Have no idea what has been going on there, but during our stay it was a place I could only recommend. The best of all our stays in Fiji....

By Pieter , 30-08-2006

fiji,expensive or not - Hello

After Indo and New Zeeland Iwould like to surf in Fiji. I ve heard that it is very expensive to stay?True???
How much dollars a day to stay??

thank you very much

By Anonymous , 26-08-2006

Waidroka experience... - Just got back and stayed there for 3 nights...

Surf was great and resort was good, but the place needs a pool, since swimming for our wives was not nice in the bay calculating tides etc...

Owners are trying hard and know about the lack of amenities and activities for whoever does not surf or dive, so they arrange massages and take people out to a white sand beach nearby for swimming and a snorkel. It would be easier to invest in a spa and pool . Food was great and we realy enjoyed the Lovo....more Fijian food would be good on the menue since the other stuff we get at home...

All in all good...

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