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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Anonymous , 04-07-2007

WHAT IS THIS ????? - a destination with private-owned breaks ? where resorts use forums to promote their biz ? where some begginers are rich enough to make the trip to the most-perfect-reef-breaks-in-the-world asking if their will be some beachbreaks ???

pictures of rob machado in easy crystal clear barrels in Fiji always made me consider this destination as my dream trip... now I learn there is no way to surf this place in the traditional-roots-homestay-rent-a-car-rent-a-boat-make-local-friend way... this is very sad... I'll find some better place...

By Weatherman , 14-03-2007

News - I was over there just after the coup. It was safer than I have ever seen the place. I hope the exclusivity of Tavarua ends. Some think the local village get a good deal. A few do, the rest lost there jobs when the current owners moved in. The owners are not very well liked by the locals. A lot of US and Aussie surfers have boycotted Cloudbreak. Not all only those that care for others and hate injustice. The surfers who go there have no love for Fiji. Ignorance is bliss for them. Don't worry about the coup. The locals need your tourist dollar more than ever and the water will be empty!!!!!

By Anonymous , 08-03-2007

Re: Catty, Central Coast - Catty - Central Coast. What's ur email

By Anonymous , 07-03-2007

Tavarua - Cloudbreak - Anybody hear anything about Tavarua and Cloudbreak since the coup in Fiji. Is their exclusivity over...? Will their business change...? I have heard rumours, but would like to hear whats going on. As a surfer I believe it is bad to get exclusive rights for surfing, since the water and waves are for everyone and not for resorts who then get rich on it. Any news?

By Anonymous , 07-03-2007

Waidroka - Nagigia - I recently stayed 1 week at Waidroka and 4 days at Nagigia, which I thought was a perfect combination. Both places are slammed many times on this forum...don't believe a word. Waidroka is great, the owners cool and the sutrf at Frigates, Pipe and Vunaniu was great. It was affordable and great value with good food and close to everything I needed on the main island, with many breaks, lefts and right which was an advantage of choice.
I went on to Nagigia which was a bit stormy when I got there and we couldn't surf, but when we finally got in the waves where good and the resort was cool. Very secluded and more a romantic place for couples maybe, but stunning in it's location.

I reserached a lot before going to Fiji and at the end stayed at these 2 places with no regret...

By Erik from CA , 07-03-2007

Waidroka - Okay. Thanks to all who responded. We booked Waidroka for 5 nights so when I return ill let everyone know how it really was. Im pumped to surf Frigates and Pipes, since CA has had a dead winter for surf, I welcome any opportunity to find waves! Thanks again.

By Dave , 04-03-2007

Stay at's worth it... - Eric and all otghers - I have stayed at Waidroka recently and have had a great time. Frigates is a great wave and Pipe can be an incredible barrel. The owners are cool and none of the bullshit about Waidroka posted on this site is actually true - we had a great time...

By Anonymous , 02-03-2007

Stay at Waidroka - you won't regret... - I don not know where all the issues about Waidroka have come from and who it is that constantly slams them over and over, but can ionly say from my own recent experience that it is well worth it. I hadf some of the best waves and a great vacation there with really nice atmosphere and nice people. Up to you if you believe what is quoted by some of those who have issues with Waidroka, but can only say what my experience was which was great!

By Hopefully helpful , 02-03-2007

RE: DUDE from CA - Dude,

I didn't stay at Waidroka so I don't know much about them. What I can tell you was that Frigates was crap when we first got there. The tide started to drop so they had to high tale it out of there or they would have got stranded. That meant nearly all the crowd went. The surf picked up and got so much better. What I will say is find out how much tide affects when they can go or the surf will be good and you'll be going somewhere else.!

By Anonymous , 02-03-2007

hey erik - Ditch waidroka and go straight to yanuca island. It will cost you less in the long run and the surf will be much better. pipe is good if you can take big vert drops but very fickle and tide dependant.

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