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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 27-09-2002

David - please contact me for further details - surfing Fiji - G'day David,
I have surfed Wilkes and Frigates Pass a few times now.
Frigates Pass - your best bet is to go to Waidroka Bay Resort (about 40 mins past the Hideaway Resort on the way to Suva) - It's run by an American guy, his wife and son. They have a high speed boat that travels out to Frigates Pass - takes about 20 mins. Great boat, safe, life jackets, well run, toilet on board, shaded, they take water and a light lunch etc. You should call them first and make sure conditions etc are right and that they're going out. Costs FJ$45 for the day, including lunch. The times they leave and return are subject to tides (their boat is moored in a shallow pass in the reef). Have a look "" for further details. The only draw back with these guys is that they are scuba divers. They don't surf and don't really understand our needs regards early starts, tide conditions, need to stay longer when it starts to work and get better etc.
Alternatively you can call Brian & Donna McDonald, a couple of Aussies, who might have a crew going out and you can tag along. For details see ""
Surfing Frigates Pass is a "must do". If the conditions are right it is an awesome place - secluded, quite, colourful, wild and beautiful. Great wave.

Wilkes Passage - You can do it from Seashell Cove Resort (about 1 hour from Nadi) or access it by staying on Plantation Island. Seashell Cove is very basic accommodation (a scratch better than staying at G-land). Your best bet is to stay on Plantation Island. There are 2 resorts to choose from - either the Plantation Island Resort or the Muscat Cove Resort. Muscat Cove is nicer and quieter, but it depends what you're looking for. If you let me know whether you're travelling with your girl, wife, partner, kids, mates, boys only trip etc I can be a bit more specific. A boat leaves daily from Muscat Cove boat harbour and picks up at the Plantation Resort as well. You must call and arrange for "Big John" or "Little John" to pick you up. Usually they like to have a least 2-4 surfers to make it worth their while. I think it costs about FJ$20 for the trip in an open boat, no shade, takes about 15 mins to get there. If there's only 2 of you, they'll still go but you might have to pay a bit more. Also, whilst they usually go once a day around 10am and return after 3 hours or so, you can pay them to stay longer or go out again in the afternoon. You also get to surf the other breaks off Namotu (or you did when I last went 2 years ago) namely Namotu Left (they were restricted to dropping off only 3 or 4 people at this break so the guys paying big bucks to stay on the Island got it relatively uncrowded) and swimming pools (a right). On Saturdays you also got to surf Cloudbreak since Saturday is the change over day for Tavarua guests. As far as I am aware, the only other way to do it is to hire a boat from Nadi Harbour or convince a couple of fisherman to take you out or perhaps do what I did on one occassion and call the sports/recreation hut at the Sheraton Resort and speak to one of the fijians and ask them about getting a boat out and back for the day. It won't be anything official through the resort but they will arrange for one of their sons, villages to take you out for the right price. Boat is unlikely to be too seaworthy but it should get you there and back. Takes about 40 minutes from the river mouth near the Sheraton Resort. Doing this with 1 or 2 surfers might even see you surf Restuarants if you'ere lucky and offer a few more dollars.

Hope this helps you out a little. I have left my email address so you can communicate with me directly if you need any more help. Would you also let me know When are you going? Where are you from etc.
When you return, please also let me know how you wgot on and share your experience as the reason why I ran into your query was because I was looking to do Frigates Pass again, was thinking of giving Brain McDonald a go and happened to check the wannasurf site for any suggestions.

Gold Coast, Australia

By David , 16-09-2002

Advice required - I am going to Nandi for 4 days and wanted to know where I can get a boat out to Wilkes and other surf breaks. I know I can drive down to the Coral Coast and surf Hideaway but how do you get to Frigates. I haven't surfed in Fiji before and wanted some good advice from someone who knows the area well and can make some good recommendations. It would be greatly appreciated.

By anonymous , 19-08-2002

Sack Up - You sound like a real wanker. If I had the chance to go on a trip like that I would be balls deep with no hesitation. What are you scared of, that you might get the waves of your life? I guess you could just stay home and surf your shitty little crowded polluted beachbreak and read about the guys having the times of their lives in the next edition of Surfer.

"Who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived, or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?"

By , 12-08-2002

Words of Wisdom II - I got an invite to join a friend with a boat for a 3-week surf cruise through Fiji from October 25 through November 15. It sounds like the opportunity of life time but I am hesitant as I have recently had a streak of bad surf trips due to poor planning (time of year- weather). Can anyone offer some recommendations. E Mail attachedThanks: AS

By anonymous , 12-08-2002

Words of Wisdom - I got an invite to join a friend with a boat for a 3-week surf cruise through Fiji from October 25 through November 15. It sounds like the opportunity of life time but I am hesitant as I have recently had a streak of bad surf trips due to poor planning (time of year- weather). Can anyone offer some recommendations. Thanks: AS

By Just back from Fiji... , 22-07-2002

Stay out of the shitshell!!! - First of all, Go to Tavarua or don't even bother, I mean, it's so expensive everywhere!!! And definetly you don't get happy when you're givin' big bucks away for surfing Wilkes (what a joke!!!!!) or any of the other waves that somehow managed to be even worse. Restaurants and Cloudbreak are just the best places I've ever seen, but the rest is just the rest. If, even so, you insist, DO NOT STAY AT SEASHELL or, as we nicknamed it "the shitshell" it's a rip off. And don't listen to kooks when they try to tell you Frigates is even close to Cloudbreack because it's not. Still the best place by far at Fiji, if I was going again and didn't have too much money I would just spend my entyre trip at Batiluva resort in Frigates, surf 'till you're exausted, then eat 'till your guts tell ya to stop!!! Good luck everybody. Ps.: If U whant to save money, fight the crowds but get more waves, go to indo.

By , 15-07-2002

Fiji in August - Would love any info/recommendations of the best budget place to stay/surf in Fiji. Heading out for 12 day and want to experience a number of breaks, but don't want to pay outrageous prices like at Taverua. Would love to hear your stories/thoughts on surfing fiji.

By , 26-04-2002

hi - going to Fiji soooon... - I'm going to Fiji in May (May 4th actually), and very much want to explore Taveunia and Kandavu - if you have info you dont mind sharing about breaks in those places, let me know - I'll put my email on this so you can contact me directly if you want... I'm travelling solo, make a point of finding spots that are out of the way, staying with the local people, and not talking about what I find!

By anton , 13-03-2002

destination fiji - Im heading over for a week and would like to find out as much about the islands surf spots as possible.
Does anyone know where the infinite guide to fiji's surf spots on the web is.
Though I surf regularly i have never surfed reef breaks before so am a little hesitant.

By Fiji_Fem , 09-02-2002

no title - Fiji can be as cheap or expensive as you like....being a local has it advantages I guess...but you can still get around on next to nothing. There are many breaks on the main island of Viti Levu, the further you head out to sea the better I guess (for some!). If you ever get a chance to try the outer islands then do so (Kadavu, Taveuni etc..). I go back home (Fiji) every year and its fun every single time. Just remember to respect the locals and their customs. Some of the breaks aren't as accessible, it either requires a local guide, a trek, or a boat but its worth it. If anyones got any questions, general or specific just post 'em up here...I'll do my best.

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