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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Emmet , 11-03-2004

Waidroka Rocks! - Just spent a week in Waidroka, had a great time, Michael and Yalee are super cool, stayin up with us in the evenings, generally making you feel like a guest in their home instead of a talking atm machine. Had two good surfs a day and though Frigates wasnt on while I was there the other breaks are close-by and empty, days of three guys taking turns on pristine waves in 30 degree water, thats Fiji-magic! Food was good and the boat's at your disposal. Dont get a taxi from the Airport, grab the local bus for F$7 and take it all in. Super place.

By anonymous , 23-01-2004

I totally agree - It's interesting to note that this site claims "not many people know" about the breaks around Waidroka "which is good of course." But surfers are worse than girls at keeping secrets. Stroking the ego ("look where I've been") is more a priority than preserving our dwindling resources.

By Tread Lightly , 23-01-2004

Not Sure What's Worse - I'm not sure a rallying cry is the best course of action here. Waidroka is still below mainstream radar, and those who are smart enough to recognize it will benefit from keeping it low profile. I'm not insisting any secret should be kept. But why the pep rally when increased traffic is inevitible?!

By anonymous , 20-01-2004

Waidroka has new owners...Waidroka is back! - Finally - new owners at Waidroka! They have managed in the first week to give a different atmosphere and feeling, without doing anything - by simply being excited, polite, helpful and everything else yopu would expect from such a wonderful resort. On top of that they are surfers and divers and looking at their personal excitement about the place the surfing, diving, fishing and everything else, this is new life for Waidroka. It looks like we all should watch this space, since Waidroka is really the best place out there, but has never really gotten there due to the previous owners the Rays (rednecks).

I'll definatley be back and the surfing is utterly the best out there, with great boats, fantastic spots, super diving and fishing. The location in the middle of the rainforest is simply stunning and if they get the food and atmosphere right this place will be absolutley tops.

By Mantas , 20-01-2004

Good ol' boys - We were surfing at Frigates one day when Ray senior's voice came over the radio in that Arazona twang " We caught a marlin and it's 800 pounds" .(That's nearly 400 kilos for you none Seppo's)"'We need you guys to come back to help us off the boat with it". When we got back my brother, who has done his share of game fishing, estimated it to be about 90kg. I was a bit more generous calling it 120kg. An argument soon ensued with Ray junior and said brother. A comical 10 minutes then followed as an irate Ray Junior shaped up and hopped back and forth between us cursing and blurting out all kinds of shit about how much money he had and how we were just "dumb ass lowly surfers" and how he was going to get the police onto us (i'm not sure if under estimating the size of a fish is a crime in Fiji) Anyway it was a good laugh. We told Ray, inbetween giggles ,that he should take up surfing, It's good for the soul.

By Tboy , 13-01-2004

Watch out for the trades and get used to one surf a day - During southeast trade season beware. If your staying at Molo Lai or any of the resorts on the mid east main island the trades screw most of the waves. Those that are not are now all resort owned (contrary to advertising of other resorts). These breaks (Cloudbreak, Nomotu rights, Resteraunts are only surfable on Saturdays with express permission from the relevant resorts. Basically you can only surf Wilkes Passage (holds size but screwed by trades) and Desperations (same aspect). Also only get one transfer a day form most places. All that having been said it is worth surfing Cloudbreak even only one day a week - it's a ridiculous barrell - trim high to make the end section barrell.........

By , 08-12-2003

Fiji surf advice from The Warwick... - Hi there kiddies. I'm headed to Fiji in the New Year for my Honeymoon and wanna catch some waves while there. We are staying at The Warwick Fiji (Coral Coast) and I have a basic idea of what I need to do to go surfing there - car trip of Hideaways, car and boat day-trip to Namotu area, etc. but how to I organise any surf charters from The Warwick while I am there? The resorts themselves and the tourist information in Sydney are hopeless - it's like surfers are from Mars!!! So if you could send some advice it would be great.
Matt R, Maroubra, Sydney, Australia


Waidroka - Starlark 13 - Our secret source has tapped into highly secret and confidential information that the Waidroka Bay Resort is under contract. |The interested party to acquire this resort is said to be German (Colnel Clink).

Through our source (Schults), it is revealled that the contract may settle before the end of this year.

Our secret undercover agent (Hogan) is currently seeking confidential information, such as future food menus and employee respect programs.

We will keep the underground informed of future developments at Waidroka-Starlark 13

By Will , 21-11-2003

no title - I can only hope this post is true...

By johnythong , 20-11-2003

Waidroka has been saved! - After reading so much about Waidroka Bay Resort and the 2 redneck Rays ,Jujnior & Senior that own and run it. I have to put my thoughts in. After reading all these messages I was amazed at how much hatred these 2 rednecks had caused to most of their guests and lot owners. After having the pleasure of being booked in to this resort to view some beautiful properties for sale near by ,I sat back at my bure to watch the 2 rays go about their work. Dressed in jeans polo shirts and baseball caps. They started their day walking around the resort informing all the surfers about wind conditions and surf swell sizes and so forth. On this particular day (my first) I had worked out my compass and by checking the offshore spray on the closest break it was easy to see the southeast trades were blowing and it was small swell. When the Rays had visited my bure I asked if we could go to frigates . The Rays said that if I check the clouds they would tell me what way the wind is blowing and at the time the clouds were going north ,and to trust them as they were experienced with the weather. I contacted Batiluva a few hours later to find out Frigattes is 4 to 6 feet and southeast wind and beautiful. I left that aternoon to go to batiluva before experiencing a soggy salad sandwich with a packet of crisps for $12 . I never went back and I have held a grudge against them ever since, I only wish I got to root Ray Junior's girl as they do treat the locals like shit! Even the travelling american surfers there felt imbaressd about them.
Well the Rays are on there way. They have sold and it doesn't matter if the Surf lifesaving clubs of Australia have got it ! NO body NOBODY could do a worse job than those 2 rednecks. If you read this Ray junior and senior. Life will get you for what you have done and for Ray junior life has allready got you pencil dick. She got moe out of you than you got out of her and that s all you'll ever get for the rest of your life.
So good luck for waidroka bay. Bad luck for some those parasites of the earth.
IF you think this is a bit over the top, do what I did and have a look at the comments below made about these 2 rednecks!

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