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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Another land owner at Waidroka , 23-06-2004

Fiji surfing politics - When i first went to Fiji in 1987 I experienced the surf problems involving cloudbreak, now its happening at Waidroka. Brian Mcdonald has unfortunatly tried to do a Tavarua around the breaks at Waidroka but the Quality and consistancy of these waves are not worth trying to have a monopoly over them . Let him go and try to do his exclusive surf camp and when some one else goes and visits the local village and talks to the local chief and gives him a bag of Kava and asks permission to surf around thir reef there wont be anything Brian can do! And when his guests realise they didn't come and surf classic Indo style waves (unless they get Frigattes offshore) they wont give it a good rap. So Brian tavarua Mcdonald will go back to his Library job in Suva and dream on! But this is Fiji and it will allways be like this . Its human nature unfortunately!

By cool waidroka landowner surfer , 17-06-2004

not a seppo just a shithead - I just heard from a friend who returned from fiji that waidroka resort is only surfing two of the five local breaks thanks to the efforts of brian mcdonald paying off fijians tavarua style and threatening to impound others boats and motors. while anchored at the reef. So who's the capitalist pig,septic tank now. That guy is a freak and wrote a letter saying that the americans got what they deserved on 9-11. I surfed waidroka years ago with just a few people around and it was fun. Now? as for the Rays when I needed gas they helped maybe they werent surfers and all that but I know some of the fijian help at the resort have quit since the new owers arrived saying that they are bad people and they miss they rays very much and the price for a fiji beer is now 4dollars. Those local spots are good,high tide only barrels and not that consistent. So when there flat ronald mcdonald will no doubt bring his group out to frigates along with his stinky ass bad vibe. go to hell or tavarua you kook turning something awesome into something so ugly . mcdonald and people like him are ruining fiji and turning fijian against fijian just so we can surf. there is more to life than surfing you ego prick

By , 13-06-2004

Frigates Pass Surf Camp - We are heading to Fiji in 2 weeks and we are tracking to track down Pena's contact details so that we can book accomodation at the Frigates Pass Surf Camp. We stayed there 5 years ago and it was awesome!

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

Kiwi Invasion - Air New Zealand flights have never been cheaper to Fiji than they are now. Let alone Quantas.
Flights have pretty much halved. Nearly every Kiwi with a surfboard is heading there this year. Thats why its crowded.

By anonymous , 06-06-2004

anyone been to Nagigia - I am considering a trip to Nagigia off Kadavu island and would like to here from anyone that has surfed there.
It seems expensive

By Oz Boy , 27-05-2004

To the Whistler Kid - My advice would be skip Fiji until you are fairly confident. When I wuz there this "wunder Kid" snoboarder from Colarado decided that because he could snow board that he could surf Fiji. He got soooooo worked and nearly drowned, all cut up by the reef and completely turned off surfn. Would you take a novice snowboarder up the back of Whistler to Voodoo chutes??? Same difference. I've surfed all my life and snowboarded for 10yrs. Don't make Fiji your first surf destination. Maybe do Australia & New Zealand first stay a while get some waves and surf fitness then do Fiji on the way home.
Or you could ignore everything I have suggested and R.I.P

By anonymous , 11-05-2004

Crowded!! - My travel agent tells me this year will be the most crowded yet in the south pacific...

By anonymous , 11-05-2004

Crowded Fiji... - My travel agent informs me this year will be the most crowded yet in the South Pacific....

By , 18-03-2004

is there a mellow break - hey this whistler kid doesnt surf much and was curious if there is a non reef break around the coral coast area?and second has anyone stayed at the seashell resort on the main land,,and if so how was it?that would be kick ass if anyone could good me some good tips on what to do if im not the best surfer in the area and i just want a mellow surf where i can enjoy learning....thanks,,,rock on!!!

By , 14-03-2004

Fiji - I'm going to Fiji in June and was wondering if you could recommend some places to stay? Preferably somewhere cheap with some good surf.


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