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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By Another Waidroka Landowner , 01-07-2004

A Challenge to Michael and WBR - You obviously have learned nothing from the content of these posts. Take a look at the conditions you are providing for your guests. Take a closer look at the conditions you are perpetuating for the residents of the community you operate in. As a new operator, you have an opportunity to create a needed balance between the good of your guests, and the respect your neighbors deserve. Many (residents and land owners) at Waidroka Bay like to surf. But in the last few years, we've seen it become exploited beyond tolerable levels. If you need suggestions for strategies to improve the situation, just ask, and we'll be glad to share our ideas for the betterment of all. Otherwise, you'll continue to alienate every one of us, and I expect you'll have few guests and no friendly neighbors.

By Another pissed off guest! , 01-07-2004

PUBLIC REPLY TO WAIDROKA MANAGER 'MICHAEL KAZ' - The false and misleading information that you claim is untrue is true! I stayed at Waidroka and I was told that I couldn't surf some of the breaks. Because of problems with chiefs in different districts of the ocean and coastline or something. We were left to surf 1 foot surf while land owners with there own boats came back from surfing head high waves the same day. Other people I know have said that the boats and the drivers will not go to to these breaks because of the same reason! I experienced it. Other people have said the same. They all have something similar to say about the place.
Is everyone lying Michael??????

By Michael Kaz, Waidroke , 01-07-2004

Public Reply to Will Frogley - Will Frogley and his friend came to the resort in good believe they had a reservation. The agent they had used did not make any proper booking and, at high season, the resort was booked out. The only space available were 2 beds in the dorm for 2 days which we offered them.
I can understand that Will and his friend are upset but condemning and trying to blacklist the resort is not the right response. Will should get in contact with his agent and relieve his anger there.
I won't even response to the other content of the message.

Regarding the other breaks, all of them work and can be accessed by the resort. Any other information published here is false and misleading.

Michael Kaz,
Waidroka Bay Resort

By Surf culture sucks. , 29-06-2004

So There You Have It - The greed, born of surfing's selfish soul, kills again. Let's all give ourselves a standing ovation for this one. Afterall, we've gotten very so good at it.

By anonymous , 28-06-2004

Surftrip to Fiji......Think again! - This is a warning to people wanting to go on a surf trip to Fiji. Unless you are prepared to spend a lot of $ you will not get good waves in Fiji! The best waves in Fiji are the most famous Cloudbreak ,restaurants(tavurua),Namotu, Wilkes ,Frigattes. All the rest you have heard about are fickle but can be good on their day. Unless you pay for Tavarua chances are your trip to Fiji will be a dissapointment. You can only surf Cloudbreak and restaurants if you stay at Tavarua $$$$$. You can only surf Namotu (soft left anyway)if you stay at Namotu $$$$$ you can put your name down to surf cloudbreak on a sunday when its change over day for the guests on Tavarua if you are lucky, but is that why you went on a surf trip? You can go and surf wilks but its onshore in the tradewinds that blow 80% of the time. It will still cost you a boat ride ,lunch and accomadation which will at least be $100 maybe more.
You can go to the coral coast which has numerous waves that break on different winds but most are only high tide waves. There is a place called Waidroka Bay which has earned itself a healthy reputation as previous messages here have explained. The owners or managers of this resort are not surfers and are not aware of the needs to a surfer on a surftrip! If you where a diver going on a dive trip you wouldn't stay at a surf camp! ! Well this is the case with Waidroka Bay resort and they don't understand what surfers expect. They see surfers with $ willing to pay $ !They advertise as having 6 waves to surf but recent politics between land owners ,surfcamp wannabes(BRIAN MACDONALD) and local chiefs or chiefs sons, as I here, have restricted this to 2 waves plus frigattes. The 2 waves, resorts and pipe!Resorts isn't a wave full stop! Pipe has potential but only a high tide wave that cant hold more than 5 people without everyone getting frustrated before the tide gets too low. They will take you out to Frigattes which is the only chance you have of getting a real wave . It can get good and can get windy and it can be crowded as you will have to share this with 2 camps on Yanuca island and a group of guys that come out from Pacific harbour. It is not uncommon to have 30 guys in the lineup even though you are 30 nautical miles out at sea! To makes things worse at Waidroka Bay Resort is the food, its terrible and expensive ,and if its lowtide the boats can't go out so you could be stuck there with. Even a taxi ride to Suva costing $100.
You could allways try the 2 surf camps on yanuca island but they only surf frigattes and they also have problems with boat safety and alcohol abuse by the camp owners. Read "batilva bullshit" a previous message that I have to agree with. So either way unless you had a trip booked with Tavarua and are prepared to pay their prices$$$$$$ a surf trip to Fiji will be a dissapointment.
Don't get me wrong about Fiji though! Its a beautiful place and the Fijian people are lovely. The happiest people I have ever met. Its a shame that surfers have done what they have to surfing in Fiji. If the Fijians could earn a living from it maybe it would be better..who knows. Bula

By Will Frogley , 27-06-2004

PLEASE READ!! IMPORTANT!! DO NOT GO TO WAIDROKA BAY RESORT - Anyone thinking of going on a surf trip to Fiji... you must read this, I'm not an expert on surfing in Fiji but I have been there three times now, and enough to have seen some drastic changes. First and foremost, IF YOU ARE THINKING OF STAYING AT WAIDROKA BAY RESORT... PLEASE DO NOT GO!!! Do not think I am a negative person, because I try to see the positive in everything, but the new owners of the place, Michael Kaz and his girlfriend, are absolutely shocking and do not deserve to get your hard earned money. The place certainly has its positives... beautiful area, the local workers are insane (major props in particular to Veta, Ponti and all the kitchen girls), and yes, the waves can get extremely good, even if they are fickle. I went to Waidroka a few years ago for the first time and it was insane, uncrowded days at pumping Frigates and thick gnarly barrels at Pipe with just my friends. The place has changed. Massive developments in buildings, way too many new rooms, huge advertising (they have a big ad in the main fiji tourist brochure you get at the airport) has seen rampant overcrowding at all breaks. I have just been there and didnt surf Pipe with less than 20 people, with massive more crowds reported at Frigates. The owner is a total arsehole and jammed everyone onto the one boat for 3 hours of surfing 2 foot wind blown waves. Much has been said about the previous owners, and sure, they were grumpy, money hungry bastards but compared to this guy, Michael, they are like Good Samaritans. DO NOT BELIEVE the propaganda he has put on this website either. He is making no effort at all to get other guests there (divers etc). In fact, he is double booking everything to absolutely guarantee every single bed in the place is taken. We booked in the dorm for 2 weeks through a flight agent in Australia, and my friend and I were both there when the girl rang up Waidroka and asked if this could be done. They said no problem. We rock up, and noone came up to greet us (well Ponti and all the boys gave us a big high 5, and the girls gave us hugs), but Michael and his girlfriend, who have all the personality and warmth of a piece of chewing gum on the road, they didn't even say hi or welcome, so it took us ages to realise they were even the owners. Then they said, sorry, we have no booking for you, but you can stay in the dorm for 2 days. No apology at all, let alone compensation. This happened to many of the other guys there, they just got told there was no booking for them, even though there was. Michael, you are an arsehole. What are you doing, absolutely making sure you are 100% capacity full? We bailed in disgust after 2 days with many others, vowing to never again return. He even deliberately tried to overcharge us on our account, and after an argument, finally took it back. Michael, karma will pay you arsehole! I will make sure noone I know will ever go to your joke of an operation. Don't think I am an isolated incident either people, all the other guests there are over it as well, and the locals, you are destroying their happiness as well. Also, you have another guy claiming "exclusive rights" to certain "empty, uncrowded" spots in the area, and yet another camp set to open up. Do not go to Waidroka people, please believe me, for the sake of Fiji and its wonderful people, please consider other options, they will not get any benefit, Michael is laughing all the way to the bank (even though its obvious he and his girlfriend hate being there), and when he is over it he will take all his millions back home. Burn in Hell Michael... please note that I have used my actual name, you might not remember though seeing all you saw in me was money...

By Another Waidroka Resident , 26-06-2004

Another Local Perspective - The (previous) land owner is right on point. And I will submit further, that the few breaks within Waidroka's "jurisdiction" are all fickle, and none on their own warrants making a special trip. But the area is within striking distance of Frigate's, which is deservedly the main attraction. It should remain any visitor's priority, as many of Waidroka's residents are content to surf near home. Simple economics reveals spreading it out will keep everyone happy. However, Waidroka Bay Resort needs to manage the flow better, and local greedies should be ashamed to make a stressed situation even worse. While the bullshit over (local) reef usage is certainly true, Old McDonald made his "arrangement" with the son of a chief, and that's about as legally binding as a court order by the son of a judge. McDonald is in continued violation of Fijian law, and is neglectful of common decency. The last thing our little neigborhood needs is another outfit ferrying more and more surfers to the 'one-tide-a-day' sessions of Waidroka.

By Logical or paranoid , 24-06-2004

Batiluva Bullshit - After a recent trip to Batiluva Resort on Yanuca island I want to tell anyone going there what to expect! Allthough being the most beatiful place I stayed at in Fiji you will have to put up with the possibility of Dan and Sharon(Hawaian owners) being in the middle of a domestic dispute and both being on a drinking binge which could last 2 or 3 days with Sharon not sleeping but screaming at her staff at all hours of the night. You will also have to put with Sharon verbaly abusing her staff in front of you and all guests at the restaurant. As for me finding the Fijian people friendly loving people ,this takes the edge off your holiday spirit! Allthough the food is very good it makes you wonder if the staff were being whipped while they prepared the meals ,after listening to all the screaming in the kitchen.
Then there is the boat that takes you to Frigates. They have recently purchased a "new boat"which is actually a boat built for the shooting of the movie ANACONDA 2 which they bought at an auction. The boat is designed for flat water in a river and any open water causes the boat to porpise and cavitate. It also has water under the floorboards constantly. The boat has no back up motor.It takes 1 hour to get to the break which only takes15 to 20 mins in a long boat. The driver has no radio or telephone and hasn't seen a weather map or listened to a weather forcast. Allthough most days its ok but from experience with boats all my life I know, what can go wrong will go wrong and at the worst possible time. Out at Frigattes Passage is the real ocean with no land close by.
After expressing my concerns with Dan he told me that he can't give the driver a phone because they steal them?????If something goes wrong we will send someone out to get you????But the only way they will know if something is wrong is if the boat doesn't come back before dark. The staff at waidroka bay resort told me that a few months ago the tranfer boat from Batiluva broke down going back to the mainland for supplies and it drifted in to main wave at Waidroka after drifting at sea for 1&1/2 days. I guess he was lucky he wasn't at frigattes and driffted on to the reef there!
At the end of the day I got the feeling that Dan and Sharon don't care what could happen to their guests and when they have a tragedy 1 day they will be held resposible.

By anonymous , 24-06-2004


By Another land owner at Waidroka , 23-06-2004

Fiji surfing politics - When i first went to Fiji in 1987 I experienced the surf problems involving cloudbreak, now its happening at Waidroka. Brian Mcdonald has unfortunatly tried to do a Tavarua around the breaks at Waidroka but the Quality and consistancy of these waves are not worth trying to have a monopoly over them . Let him go and try to do his exclusive surf camp and when some one else goes and visits the local village and talks to the local chief and gives him a bag of Kava and asks permission to surf around thir reef there wont be anything Brian can do! And when his guests realise they didn't come and surf classic Indo style waves (unless they get Frigattes offshore) they wont give it a good rap. So Brian tavarua Mcdonald will go back to his Library job in Suva and dream on! But this is Fiji and it will allways be like this . Its human nature unfortunately!

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