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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Ferals United to Combat Kookism and Uncool People , 07-07-2004

Find 'em yourself u friggin' idiot!@$#*(% - The best mainland breaks in Fiji (Viti Levu) have all been taken over by a bunch of corporate thugs, local wannabes, and holiday crowds and you want us to spill our guts out about any good outer islands breaks on this web site for all to see! You are a smuck, a friggin' idiot, and what's even worse than that, my friend, a big time KOOK! If you want to find some surf on any of Fiji's outer islands then you are going to have to find them yourself (if you know even how, that is).

By style master , 07-07-2004

outer islands - Does any one have any information on surfing some of the outer islands of Fiji like Yasawas Any info or experiences would be appreciated

By Thurston Howell the 3rd , 07-07-2004

Are Rumours True - Me and Luvey were thinking of taking a trip to those fabulous Fiji Islands where maybe I could surf the famous 'hot tube barrels' (isn't that what you call them?) at that wave that breaks way, way, way ever so far out in the ocean ('The Cloudbreak', I think it's called). Anyway, just to let you know so far I've had six surfing lessons (which I paid quite a bundle for so I'm sure I got the best) and I'm really quite good at it. I can stand up (well I do still get to one knee first, but then I'm up and running) and turn the board and everything. Ever so much fun, it is. Quite smashing! As for our social standing, well me and Mum, we're fairly well off due to Mummy's inheritance (for example, we have not just two but three BMW's, a posh vacation home in the Swiss Alps AND a luxury yacht!) so money is no problem. I've heard of one surf resort, I believe called the Tavarua, that caters to only the most, oh how shall I put this most delicately; 'refined and sophisticated' of clients. But oh my! We have heard rumours of cannibalism, coups, and violence in Fiji and well it really has the missus worried to no end (although the part about 'lusty native wenches' sounded fairly exciting to me!). So could anyone tell me if these rumours are true? Certainly would hate to have Mummy end up in the fiendish clutches of some horrid bush people. And the thought of being eaten alive by a cannibal chief, well it makes me quite dizzy and tingly all over! Well thank you ever so much for your help and see you soon at the Cloudbreak. Cheers, mates! (By the way, boat drinks will be on me!) P.S.- Can anyone tell me what a "longboardin' goon" is, as that is the nickname the fun lovin' local surfers have given me!

By anonymous , 07-07-2004

stick with Tav's - This is why you spend the extra dough to go to tavs.....if you are cheap, you now know what you are risking....everyone i have ever talked to that has been to tavs said it was worth every penny. So go big or be stuck risking a bad trip. And yes one of my friends went on a boat trip that promised all kinds of waves ect....and they got burned...too slow of a boat, can't surf all the promised spots, and could only get 2 people from their boat passes to surf cloudbreak while the rest had to sit on the boat and watch.....don't let that be the damn price.....there is always a reason why things are, boards, trips, name it.

By Try it, you'll see , 05-07-2004

A Mathmatical Solution - If I had just bought a resort with a reputation for poor customer service and surf crowding, I might look to a new formula to turn things around. Invite fewer people, charge more money, and cater to the needs of a manageable number. Surfers will pay more for better odds of experiencing what they've come for. Noone wants to travel long, expensive miles to surf crowded conditions they could find at home. Furthermore, the idea that local neighbors are made to suffer adds a component of respect to the situation that shouldn't be ignored.

By anonymous , 05-07-2004

Look at the Positive - One less goddam surf camp.

By Anonymous , 05-07-2004

Fool's Gold - Sounds like a case of short-term profitability over long-term resource management. Blinded by the potential of immediate returns, the lack of business sense displayed by the past, and current, owners of Waidroka's resort will undoubtedly compromise the long-term health of their buisness, environment, and relationships with neighbors. Successful buisness plans take everything into account. But the average "surf camp guy" only sees one dimension. These guys will bail out too, when they learn there's actually a "service" component to the hospitality industry. And noone's booking anymore because the reputation for poor management persists.

By Will , 03-07-2004

Public Response to Captain Dipshit (aka Michael Kaz, owner Waidroka Bay Resort) - So, just to clarify for Michael, my main concern is about 1) the way you are showing complete disregard for the environment at Waidroka (all that rainforest being ripped down for unnecessary buildings, its just an eyesore!) 2) your disregard for the welfare of your local workers, and your arrogant refusal to take on board advice from boat drivers and your surf guide re overcrowding (see 3), 3) exploiting the waves by overhyping the place, resulting in your guests and neighbours having to surf overcrowded conditions, which is not what they are paying all that money to come to Fiji for 4) claiming you can surf waves which are under dispute, when you often can't 5) claiming a "variery of uncrowded breaks", when people can barely fit on the boat- in my mind thats false advertising, and why tension is overflowing into the lineup with a lot of confrontations, how ironic in the peaceful "friendly islands" of Fiji 6) overbooking your accomodation, telling people they have a reservation and then them finding out they don't
all for the purpose of shamelessly milking the place for as much coin as possible, before returning home to Israel... or will it be Majorca, Spain?
Also Michael, is it true that you are planning even more rooms to be built?
What is happening to your so-called plan to clear up that eye-sore mudslide near the terrace rooms?
Have you made any effort whatsoever to attract other guests, like you claim on this website?

To anyone else that has stayed at Waidroka, and Michael yourself... please contact me at if you have any comments about the resort, the area, the conflict with Brian McDonald etc. I am a journalist and am publishing an article on this debacle for an Australian magazine and any imput would be welcome.

Let us pray that this beautiful place can still be saved...

By Will , 02-07-2004

Censorship strikes back! - Well I wrote a reply to Michael but it seems it's been censored... I guess I did use some "colourful" language but I think the webmaster needs to put it up, because I raised some important points. How about it?
Oh yeah, Michael, why didn't you respond to the rest of my points? Was it because you couldn't?

By Just dreaming , 02-07-2004

Here's an idea... - Why don't all the residents of Waidroka Bay pool their resources, buy the resort, and shut it down for good. Imagine the implications.

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