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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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By Matto , 23-06-2009

Tokoriki Island - Some friends and i are going to a wedding on tokoriki island early in 2010. we all surf and are trying to work out how we can get waves from there. we understand you southwest towards the main breaks (wilkes,etc) but its pretty expensive to do everyday. does anyone know of any closer breaks (even if not perfect) that we will be able to get eassier access too for regular surfs? Tokoriki island is in the far north east of the mamanuca island chain and seems to be blokced from the southwest swells that hit hte main breaks but open to north west swells from what i can gather.

any help??

By Anonymous , 06-05-2009


By Felipe Matos , 27-09-2008

Walu Beach in Malolo Island - Has anyone stayed at the Walu Beach Resort, is it suited to surfers?

By Anonymous , 20-05-2008

parrots and drongos - having been in fiji and hearing the gossip on many and varied issues,please take these last comments by a misinformed parrot about matanavusi the owners are very friendly ,and alot of these comments are coming from people who are not qualified to comment the surfers at waindroka mud bay arent missing any wavesand are free to surf everywhere except for one break right near matanavusi and was included in the lease agreement with that resort, its hardley worth surfing anyway even for dope smoking hippy freaks.Just go surfing and forget the local politics there everywhere.

By Anonymous , 04-05-2008

Matanivusi owners trying to steal waves - i know for a fact that the owners of matanivusi have tried several times to exclude Waidroka local residents by instigating the local fijians to become violent and get surfers out of the water by force. This is to the owners of matanivusi - people like you should be banned from runnign surf resorts. these are the exact issues which show us visitors (all foreigners in fiji are after all visitors) in the worst light. to instigate simple fijians by the power of money and for some kind of commercial benefit to violence and acting in such ways is simply BAD!. Whoever reads this - STAY AWAY FROM MATANIVUSI unless you are all for violence in the water and stopping surfers from surfing the beautifull waters and waves for the benfit of commercial interest. you money hungry cloudbreak copycats...

By Anonymous , 14-03-2008

matavinusi - i have not heard about waidroka being banned, havn't had any problem with the waves to the south but i know things are starting to get pretty nasty with the waves to the north including with the residents of waidroka. i think the sonar levu who owns matavinusi is going to cop a hiding in the near future

By alf , 28-02-2008

another cloudbreak! - matavinusi resort has now got exclusive rights to the breaks on the coral coast, so if you are staying at waidroka you can't surf them!!

By Stefan , 05-01-2008

free - James, both of Sigatoka beach breaks are free access, you only need to pay if your going to the sand dunes resort which is near the river break, its a $3 parking fee, but its worth it and the guy who owns it is a really nice guy. i go there almost weekly and though its not the prettiest beach, its constant, and its one of the warmest beaches i've come across

By Anonymous , 27-12-2007

Boards???? - i'm going to fiji in july 08 and im gonna be surfing hideaway and frigates passage wat boards would i most likely need???

By Anonymous , 28-11-2007

Many good breaks in Fiji... - Try and go to Sigatoka sna ddunes or when the swell is big enough even Natandola beach. These are beach breaks, however the best waves to score will be on the reefs and usually the way out necessitates a boat. Waidroka is not to expensive in comparison and has a varioety of good breaks which you can go to as a visitor and not resort guest...

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