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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By anonymous , 07-08-2004

Mr. Anon - How about looking for a beach and go surfing? Why contribute to an unfortunate trend (proprietary waves)??? Scared someone will give you stink-eye?

By Anon , 06-08-2004

Where else? - OK, if Waidroka is not the place, where else can you stay that gives you the options to surf those spots they claim to have access to? I have stupidly prepaid to stay there for 5 nights in a few weeks time & now paranoid about what awaits me!! Any suggestions would be welcome.

By anonymous , 05-08-2004

Not Waidroka then Where? - OK Waidroka suck balls.....think that point has been made!
Where can you stay for a similar price with access to decent waves???

By Simo & Charlie , 30-07-2004

WAIDROKA BAY SUCKS - Just returned from there july 2004. It was like a morgue. The guy that runs the place has had a personality by-pass. He's rude, inhospitable and tight as a fishes arsehole.Boats were breaking down,never ready to leave on time and sometimes dangerously overcrowded. The food was shit. The place was understaffed,overbooked and everyone that was there hated the joint. There are other places that can access Frigates and Pipes. I couldn't imagine how horrid that place would be if there was no surf.We left early despite having 4 more days pre-paid.

By On the hunt , 27-07-2004

Same story, different day - Don't you get it?! Waidroka doesn't want to be a surf camp, and they're hoping we get the message. I get it. Thanks for the heads up.

By , 27-07-2004

waidroka bay resort-don't go there! - what's up all
I recently stayed at Waidroka and while the place has the potential to be awesome, the management is incapable and soooo unfriendly...they could not even get it together so send a boat out before 8 a.m., let alone serve some pre-surf breakfast, maybe the fact that the owner/manager does not surf has a lot to do with it...noone there was happy and considering, almost all of us were surfers, that's saying a, take my advice, spend a little more money upfront and go somewhere else...

By Looking Ahead , 22-07-2004

Not Worth The Attention It Receives - If people insist on visiting the bargain basement domain of Waidroka Bay, they will learn firsthand what these reviews have tried to communicate. (If you've been there, you know it's not worth centering a trip around) So, the sooner you direct your attention elsewhere, the sooner you'll be up and riding without the drama. Give it a pass, and let the place return to its well deserved anonymity.

By anonymous , 21-07-2004

Seashell - Since my last message regarding a certian resort was deemed too negative and in disagreement with the webmasters sensitive feelings, here is a positive review. I was in Fiji for 3 weeks in June and stayed a couple different resorts. My most positive experience was at Seashell on the western side of the main island. I actually stayed there two different times (left for the Yasawas then came back). During the first stay, the waves were small and we surfed desperations and little cloudbreak. Not very good but fun. Then it got big and we tried surfing little cloudbreak again, but it was hectic. Double overhead teahupoo madness. On this day they started towing in at cloudbreak. Wilkes (the right) was mellower but crowded. Overall, The vibe there is very positive and the staff is extremely friendly. The accomodations are decent and the rates are very reasonable. Myself and four friends stayed in the dorms and then got upgraded to our own lodge, all for $50 FJ a day including meal plan. Also, the food is excellent. The staff is great, very friendly. The Fijians are great to hang out with and will invite you every night to drink kava. But dont mix bounty and kava.

By Jamesa , 21-07-2004

let it be - Bula(hi)I have been to Fiji allot and have seen it changing quickly. Why do I love Fiji? because it is a place removed from time, a place that hasn't been overrun by comercial enterprises,with wonderful people living close to the land. The problem is that everybody wants to live in paradise,thats o.k! But why do they have to exploit Fiji? couldn't they make it at home? then come to Fiji,relax,share some of the wealth.No they want to come and turn it into just like the place they came from,take,take,take. never giving from the heart. What about the Fijian's who's way of life were changing forever, for what? waves? If anyone should prosper from these resorts it should be Fijians, instead they are being pushed into a working middle class. You know what? they didn't have to work until we came along! there is no going back now. Go to Fiji,enjoy and leave it alone! Bula Vinaka.

By Will , 21-07-2004

- By the way Webmaster, I think you are making a big mistake deleting these messages. I'm known as the "Happy Guy" by friends as I'm always smiling etc- anything but an always angry/pissed off individual. Whats happening at Waidroka Bay just sucks and something needs to be done about it. If you'd spoken with the Fijians themselves as I have done maybe you'd agree!

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