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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 08-09-2004

Urgent assistance - I've just canned the trip to Mentawiis and I'm going to Fiji with my girlfriend in the last week of September, 04
Any advice on a reasonably priced place to stay where i can have access to good surf daily would be of great help. rights or lefts R experienced.

By Andrew , 05-09-2004

- Thanx for that. Do u know of any other reefs near there??

By bula , 02-09-2004

body boarding - Sigatoka at club masa is also good sand bottom beachbreak, in the morning before the wind.

By anonymous , 01-09-2004

For andrew - Try Natadola Beach, back towards Nadi. Probably the most beautiful beach on the Coral Coast. At Hideaway you'll have to mix it up with the surfers.

By Andrew , 30-08-2004

??? - Is there any good bodyboarding spots near the outrigger reef resort?? we are staying there in early january 05

By , 29-08-2004

- We are coming to fiji in late december, early january. We are staying at the outrigger reef hotel, is there any good breaks in that area suitable for bodyboarders?

By waidroka surfer , 21-08-2004

greening waidroka - I can't believe you didn,t post my constructive comment about the fact that surfscott's hideaway should put in a composting toilet. They are cheap, cost nothing to run, don't need any water and are environmentally friendly as they don't pollute the groundwater like septic systems do.
You seem to allow any other turkey to viciously burn these places with no purpose but cut my post for reasons unknown to me - this needs to be shown as I am a Waidroka
landowner/surfer and feel I have a duty to say this to try and preserve one of the areas natural assets.

By Anonymous , 12-08-2004

Feral is right - I've stayed at Surfscott Hideaway and although serviceable, it was a bit rough. At the time, it was neglected and overgrown, and the toilet was out of order. It's on the isolated side of Waidroka's properties, so your gear feels a bit insecure, protected only by a padlock. The biggest challenge was rats that seemed to have run of the place. Photos at their weblink reveal some tidier appointments, but it is a sparce little box. Had they not cut some foliage between the cabin and the beach, it would be a difficult stay.

By bulalawa , 09-08-2004

Waidroka - Anon, and anybody else thats never been , I might have some ideas for you on Waidroka to help make your stay more pleasant, I don't care what anybody says it is still a beautiful place! e-mail me direct at

By jamesa , 09-08-2004

going feral at waidroka - Try surfscotts hideaway at www.vacationrentals It's a entire house for rent down the street from waidroka. decent, way cheaper, and you can cook your own meals if you can get into korovisilou town to get food.( about 3 miles) it helps to have a car. You may still have to deal with the resort to get to the surf , paddle a long ways or meet a fijian with a boat. I would stay at the house and just use waidroka for surfing access. Bula Vinika!

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