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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Fiji Drifter , 10-10-2004

Caveat re Hideaway - One caveat re Hideaway; check the tides, as it can only be surfed mid to high tide (and even then it is damn shallow). So even if the winds are prefect early in the morn, if it is low tide then you are SOL! Sorry, no 'easy to get to point waves' north of Nadi. Best and possibly only hope is to show up early at Seashell and catch the boat out to Wilkes Pass, (not a pointbreak but it is a righthander). You can check out Wilkes on this site.

By Been There, Was Fun , 09-10-2004

Answer for Steve - I'm thinking your best bet would be through Seashell Cove Resort. It's the closest (surfing) to Nadi, and they service rights like Wilke's Pass and a little known break close to the resort near a bouy. We dove near there and saw an empty right hander that looked fun enough, and hassle free. Not sure how good it ever gets, but there's no doubt the boat drivers know of it. Other than that, there's always the beach breaks of Sigatoka Rivermouth at Kulukulu.

By Steve , 09-10-2004

Help Me! - My wife and I will be hanging on Viti Levu north of Nadi. We want to grab some simple but fun right point waves that won't be super hard to get to. Any advice?

By anonymous , 07-10-2004

Tim you'll get Hideaway on! - Yeh Tim yu should have no trouble getting hideaway on that time of year. The winds can vary so yur chances of getting an early out the front and then being back in time for the buffet breakfast with the missus is very high! If yu rally want to catch a good wave yu can catch a taxi down to waidroka and get their boat out to Frigattes for the day. Your girl can go too and snorkel on the reef while you surf. Good idea to check the internet at hideaway and make sure the weather is going to be good before yu do that and also call waidroka bay resort first to let them know your comming, There # are in the local phone book. Hideaway is a good place to stay & relax and use as a base especially with yur girl. Have fun! Just don't ever stay at Waidroka Bay resort as it resembles a prison with prison food but their boats are great!

By Tim , 06-10-2004

Surf and winds on Coral coast (Hidewaway in January) - Hoping someone can help. Staying at hideaway beginnng Jan for 10 days. What conditions can I expect (re winds/swell etc). Is there a decent chance of catching hideaway decent? Staying with non-surfing girlfreind so won't be able to spend all day looking for other waves.

By michael , 06-10-2004

Buy Boards In Fiji? - Is it possible to buy a board in Fiji? I am traveling around the world and do not want to carry a board in the places that have no surf. So I plan on buying one and selling it at each place I travel. Is this possible in Fiji?


By djT , 06-10-2004

King Kong Left's - All right so I will steer clear of Waidroka. Has anyone heard of King Kong Lefts off Nagigia Island?
I could not find any reference to it on this site.
If anyone has some information on this could they please post a message because this looks like a great place? Check out their website at A full description of their surf breaks is at Sounds like they are surfer friendly and geared up for all level of surfers.
Also from the pictures they have looks like there is decent surf almost all year round.
Let me know what you think!!

By anonymous , 05-10-2004

WHERE TO GO IN SOUTH PACIFIC - I am thinking of going to Samoa or somewhere in the South Pacific this up and coming July. Would anyone recommend a nice place for my wife and I to go. I am an avid surfer and would love a nice right reef. Thanks for your help and please feel free to email me about places/how to book/ and where to go

Pura Vida,
joe from New York

By Friend of Fiji , 04-10-2004

Yo Mitch... - Good to avoid Waidroka. (At least someone's paying attention!) I've stayed at Seashell, and it's a good operation. The tend to round up surfers at the launch in the morning, and head off to Wilke's for a check, and decisions are made from there. At least that's how it went for me. Obviously every spot has its moments, so I can't council you on what's best. You're pretty much at the mercy of the few available spots. But you'll have a nice opportunity to see how the rich folks have it as you pass restaurants and namotu. A bit of a drag when it's going off, but surely, fun to see anyway. With regard to Frigates, there are a couple camps on the little island of Yanuca. They cater to Frigates surfers, and arrangements can be made in the town of Pacific Harbour. There are a couple upscale resorts on the bigger island of Beqa, (Marlin Bay and Lalati), but they are more dive oriented and on the pricey side. I don't expect surfing is a priority although they do ferry guests out there regularly. Best of luck.

By Mitch , 03-10-2004

seashell?? - Im glad Im not staying at waidrokoa, sounds like a wonderfull friendly place..whats the vibe like at seashell in regards to getting our arses out in the water surfing?? Wave quality? and just the general feeling of the place? If youve been would you go back?
Ive just got back from indo and am not expecting that kind of perfection but do wilkes and mini cloudbreak and the other waves seashell surf have quality about them?? One other thing, how do you surf frigates without dealing with the awesome surf camp of waidroka?

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