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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 14-11-2004

Shangri la - Am taking family to Fiji around April, will be staying at the Shangri La. Has anyone experienced it? How can i get to a decent break from there?

By Gone Elsewhere , 30-10-2004

Re: The Waidroka Rays - The Rays officially bailed in January '04. It is now in the hands of a couple of brothers who don't surf either. By all accounts, they too, don't cater to surfing as you'd hope. Apparantly they don't deploy their boats much before 8am despite tidal cooperation. Their poor guests are left standing around while Waidroka residents gear up for a two hour headstart. But that seems right to me. They should get the dawn patrol, no?

By John, Tassie. , 28-10-2004

are the ray's still there - G'day, was tossing up between waidroka and seashell for a budget surf trip. If all's true about waidroka won't be going there, but are the rednecks still running it or has it changed hands and improved? anyone know?

By , 27-10-2004

TAVARUA MAGIC!!!!! - Been to Tavy 6 times and have scored each and every time!!! The locals treat you like a king and the waves are some of the best that I have ever had the pleasure of surfing!!! Pay the money and GO!!!!
PS- I live in Hawaii and know what good waves look like!!!!!

By Quincy , 24-10-2004

Fiji goodtimes - Just got back from 11day stay at seashell cove, although we didnt get the surf pumping we got it good and fun and saw the fucking mindblowing potential of one wave in particular. Minicloudbreak is a fuking powerfull and hollow wave given some size and clean conditions and is well worth the trip.Tavarua, you guys are a bunch of cocksmokers and i Hope your island fuking sinks. The fijians at seashell are a great bunch of guys and stay up everynight drinking piss and kava with you into the early hours, they truly are the friendliest race on earth. Bula.

By Fiji Drifter , 19-10-2004

Tidal advice - January is typically not a strong Trade Wind month as that is summer in Fiji and the Trades are strongest in the winter. On the other hand, when there is no wind it tends to rather hot and humid. You should be OK with a 10:30 hi tide. You could be in the water as early as 7:30 am. Also a Spring going to a Neap tide means the tidal variation (between low and high) will not be too great. Don't know the exact time difference between Suva and Hideaway, but I believe high tide should probably be a bit earlier at Hideaway (since it is west of Suva), but not by much.

By Tim , 17-10-2004

Trades - Hi all,
Sorry - one more question..... What time do the trades come up in January? And what strength?

By Tim , 17-10-2004

Hideaway again... - Thanks for info on hideaway. Have downloaded tide chart for Suva at that time of year. First day there high tide is 10:30am and obviously getting later daily. Can you surf mid tide, or just 1-2 hrs either side of high? Any idea of time difference for tides between suva and hideaway? Cheers all!

By Clarky , 16-10-2004

Info on Nagigia - Hi, just wondering if anyone out there has any info/experience on Nagigia Island? Particularly on surf conditions around Jan/Feb. Also, as I am taking my girlfriend, how far are the beaches and what is the snorkelling like? Their web site has some awesome pics..Hoping it lives up to that!

By , 16-10-2004

Help! - Hi Guys, I am visiting Fiji with four friends and we are staying at the Sonaisali Island Resort. I want to get some waves and need to know how to go about it. Should I go with a tour group or is it easy to make your own way there? Travel Agent has been no help, need some advice.
Adam, Tasmania.

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