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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By You might give it a pass , 27-02-2005

Re: Waidroka - Things are not optimum. The politics you refer to are less about villages, and more about ex-pats vying for exclusivity to this zone or the other. Fruitless, petty garbage, as "Waidroka Bay Estates" is a residential community with solid usage agreements with three villages. No one party will ever wrestle access away from the hundreds of invested lot owners and residents. The resort, however, is still poorly run. After the Arizona yokels sold, a couple brothers stepped in and have shown even less business accumen. Guests routinely complain of poor service, and poor surf catering. While residents get an hour+ headstart, guests fidget and pace, waiting for their boatman to rally. What's worse, they overload their boats with surfers, some from other resort with no surf access. Add to the dozen or so permanent or vacationing residents, and things can be a struggle. No bad vibes. But who travels all the around the world to share a lineup as crowded as home? Waidroka Bay is a great place, but not the best wave:dollar ratio due to a small swell window, fickle reefs, poor accomodation, and crowding.

By waveslave , 27-02-2005

- To friend of fiji cheers for the advice. am bringing couple boards out. thanks again.

To anon u r a fucking wanker just cos i work my arse of and can afford to buy some surfboards doesn't mean im a kook. I surf every week in bournemouth on the south coast of uk. I have worked solidly for 2 months to be able to afford to go top fiji and have been surfing in oz and hawaii for a month each before that so fuck you u narrow minded prick!!!!!!!!!

By , 27-02-2005

Advice needed - Hi there,

I am an english traveller currently in new zealand, have become addicted to surfing in the last few weeks, bought myself a board and am trying to get out everyday when possible. Is there places where i could surf in fiji, it is my next stop and i really wanna surf there but i dont wanna kill myself, what would people reccomend?

Many thanks

Sam Sutton

By anonymous , 26-02-2005

Waidroka bay??? - Has anyone been to Waidroka lately? Just interested to find out if they have their act a bit more together. Last time I went there you couldn't surf a lot of the local breaks because of politics between villages.

By Doubtful , 24-02-2005

Better Question... - Could you possibly have any friends?

By anonymous , 21-02-2005

Get real and ask normal questions - Oh yeh stay cool man and make peace with your surfing brothers and don't pollute the air waves! Don't upset the (friend of Fiji) brothers!
Get real of course there is good waves in fiji and it sits in the middle of the pacific ocean. So wave slave it might be a good Idea to take all your boards and if you get a big swell you can strap your ratboy to your arse so you'll pop up after a big 1 catchs yuo inside while you are scratching around on your big board 6'10!

By Friend of Fiji , 18-02-2005

Lay Off Fool - So the guy's got some money, but no experience to go with it. I applaud his willingness to ask questions rather than conform to the surfer code of idiot-cool. Your hate just pollutes your airspace. To waveslave--Fiji's waves can be fun or heavy. Bring a versatile board for each range.

By anonymous , 18-02-2005

got the gear, no idea - Sorry waveylavey but you are obviously nothing but a big smelly kook. Oooo, I've got this board and this board and I'm really extra cool because I've got this dw custom with a wierd bottom.Take the ratboy because you/it will get trashed and the gun so you'll be cruising through the chop.

By , 22-01-2005

Surfboard Quiver - Hi am coming to fiji iin march for a month and was wondering if ne one could give me advice which boards to bring. I can only take two and have a 5'11" Ratboy surftech, 6'1" Webber surftech, 6'2" DW Custom or a 6'10" Byrne gun just wondered if i need to take a 6'10" gun if the waves are big enough. any info

By Sinkers , 17-01-2005

Plantation surfing in July(windy?) - Can anyone tell me what it should be like to surf from Plantation Resort in July? I've heard it could be too windy with the 'trades' pretty aggresive at this time of year. Any help appreciated - Don

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