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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Wisecat , 14-07-2005

Surfing Frigates - So much about Waidroka & Batiluva - Why don't you try out this site ! Yanuca Island Resort, P

By , 13-07-2005

Cheap Accomodation - Hi, I'm over in Fiji for three weeks in Sept. I'm looking to surf most days, does anybody have any advice on cheap places to stay that offer boat rides out to the reefs. I'm not looking to leave the main island (apart from boat trips) to try and keep costs down as ive heard it gets expensive.


By VA , 14-06-2005

Fiji resorts - Hi, my fiancee and I are going to Fiji for our honeymoon in August. Has anyone been to Nagigia or Lalati?? I am trying to decide between the 2.. good food, nice beach, close surf..not too $$$$..any suggestions?

By , 05-06-2005

warm beginner surf spot - I am headed to New Zealand July 17 to Aug 18 to ski but also to surf a bit. Looking for good beginner/intermediate wave in New Zealand also looking to spend a week in Fiji or any other warm spot nearby NZ to surf. Any suggestions???

By tantacirca , 25-05-2005

any surf on sunshine coast? - does anyone know whether or not there are waves on the sunshine coast? heading to nanui-ra/rakiraki in july - does that area get swell? If so, is it 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft? Is the swell from the sth east?

By Wait 'til Australia , 14-04-2005

Not for beginners - There's really no good beginner surf in Fiji. The area is known for it's challenging offshore reef surf, because there is really only one beachbreak area. Even so, when the waves are good there, it's a bit more powerful than a beginner would wish for. Best to enjoy the tourist trail in Fiji, and get some good help learning at your next stop.

By diego , 11-04-2005

beginner in fiji - i'll be in fiji in 2 weeks, the 1st stop on my round the world trip. i've never surfed before but really want to get into it. i've gathered that the seashell cove resort is really good, but wondering is there any not so dangerous as to learn on?

By a stressful traveler , 11-04-2005

do you or dont you? - iv heard yes you have to stay on the island to surf clould break but also iv heard you dont which is it??

By Friend of Fiji , 09-03-2005

Windy in July, YES! - I don't have any experience surfing in the Mamanuca region (Tavarua), but owing land along the Coral Coast has revealled that June thru September brings on the Trades. Most of our breaks don't like the southeasterlies, but Frigates Pass handles it fine. Is there one area capable of serving your range of experience?....doubtful. Fiji's surf is primarily reef-pass. No matter the size, reef experience is recommended as newbies will be intimidated by the sharp coral.

By sunny , 09-03-2005

Fiji- where and when - Hi, i'm looking at going to Fiji for a much needed surf holiday. Never been and wanting to take the family- so level ranges from me as an ex pro to my hubby experienced and boys to beginners. Is nagigia Island any good offering a selection of waves We were headed in July- from me the pictures at that time look really windy?? i would appreciate any help at all- this site is awesome. If Fiji no good anyone been to tonga at this time??? help please

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