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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By tim , 24-09-2005

- just returned from Fiji. Surfed Sigatoka and Wilkes. Sigatoka is a great little beachbreak. No crowds and very friendly locals. Deceptive from beach. The set waves are the go. Have to walk from Club Masa about 2 ks.
Get a transfer from Seashells resort to Wilkes. About 20 minutes. Get up early to beat the wind or go about 9ish to surf sideshore and no crowds.

By anonymous , 07-09-2005

where to stay - I am interesting in coming to fiji in late september and am looking at surfing packages for seashell@momi and also for the surf and dive rendevous resort.....can anyone give any suggestion or comments on these resorts as the prices are relatively similar but looking to maximise surfing time for only 8 days....!

By Waidroka Resident , 02-09-2005

No Snakes In Fiji - Waidroka Bay Resort operates within a private estate of residential lot owners. The estate has a long-standing (paid) agreement with neighboring villages for reef usage privledges. Visitors' access to Waidroka's reefs is only through the resort, or as a guest of a resident. The idea of 'snaking' the area is tantamount to trespassing. Either deal with the discomfort of the resort, or find your way to one of the camps on Yanuca. Frigates is the only wave worth your time. Neighboring villages are aware of the arrangement, and will not ferry transient surfers out to the reefs. Please respect our privacy and stick to the tourist trail.

By see you there in feb , 02-09-2005

snaking waidroka - ok it seems that staying at waidroka is going to result in being bent over well and truly, and it seems that they have tried to bend the locals over as well and have lost access to most of there surf spots, so for anyone who knows what really goes on is it possible to hike and paddle or give a local fisho some cash to take you to some of the spots around this area. From my experience in other pacific islands it is customry to pay a small fee to surf village breaks, is this how it is done in fiji?

By Friend of Fiji , 01-09-2005

Sorry to report - Waidroka is no better. Boats don't launch before 8am despite cooperative tides. There is an imposed curfew for Frigates, meaning the boat must return 5 hours from the time of launch. Regardless of conditions, you're day is over. The resort's logic is, "guests can't spend money if they're out on the boat." They operate strictly by dollars and (no) sense. When not at Frigates, they do surf Pipe, but that's it. The area's other local breaks are so fickle, they don't bother with them. The bad press is accurate. The reputation well deserved. Until the place changes hands again, it's unlikely the experience will improve.

By , 30-08-2005

Is Waidroka still as bad as in 2004 - Thinking of going. But can't get over the bad press. Only going for 10 days in July. Has new management got the message yet. Can u get boats early. Is it worth putting up with the hassles.How many breaks are really available? Has the food improved? where else would u suggest to maximise the surf?

By anonymous , 13-08-2005

Yasawas - hey all.

i surfed up north in the yaswasa islands early this yyr 2005, . only found a fe w waves but saw heaps of potential surf spots. has anyone travelled up there and checked out the northern yasawas group and now f theres any other spots besides tavawa is. im keen to head back to this area and do some more exploring.



By jonny blaze , 11-08-2005

how much cash??? - be in fiji for month of february how much money will i need?
plan on surfing and boozing and not much else. how much r hostels over there and how much are the boat rides outto the reefs? graciass

By Matt , 22-07-2005

Back from Fiji - Just returned from Fiji. Stayed at Waidroka in spite of some of the reviews. First day no surf, way to windy. Second day wind calmed down and we got great surf at Frigates. Boat left at 7:30, ride was a bit rough, took us 45 min to get there. Frigates was huge and pumping! Had a great time for the next 3 days, then swell dropped off. Had one more day at Pipe which is closer and less expensive, small but still fun. Overall had a good time, didn't get any of the bad vibes some guys talked about here. My only regret is that we didn't meet a lot of girls at Waidroka, didn't meet girls last year in Indo either.

By Wisecat , 14-07-2005

Surfing Frigates - So much about Waidroka & Batiluva - Why don't you try out this site ! Yanuca Island Resort, P

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