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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By andrewmc , 11 Jan

- Everytime i get stuck I should only use the word unscrambler which helps me with games such as Crossword With Friends or even Daily Celebrity Crossword

By Patauaboy , 14-09-2011

Coral Coast Crawling - Howzit, Im heading to Fiji tomorrow and Im going to be based on the coral coast at Hideaways. I have surfed out around Tavarua and Namoutu previously but haven't had a lot of experience around the coral coast. It looks like the swell is going to be in the triple overhead range at hideaways so will be unsurfable for the next week Im guessing. Has anyone surfed this coast at this size. Any advise on where to hit. I heard inside Natadola can be sick when it gets some decent size in there?...Also would Pipe and serua be smaller than Hideaway?....Cheers

By OutThere , 21-04-2011

Matanaivusi Resort - Coral Coast - A knock on this place is that the owner/operator (Brian) frequently joins guests for a surf and takes his own wave count seriously. He can get very defensive as well. Not my idea of hospitality.

By oli90 , 20-02-2011

waidroka - I dont know what you talking about. I just got back from traveling around fiji and waidroka was the best resort we stayed at. The staff were very friendly the owner did everything possible to make sure we enjoyed our stay. The food was so lovely that we found out how to make our fav meals we enjoyed there. We later went to plantation island and mucket cove. The people were no were near as friendly and we spent alot more money on eating out. I recommend waidroka bay resort to anyone looking for a home away from home expierience. We went out surfing every day and the hotel puts food on the boat so you can stay out as long as you like. Even when the waves were fab the hotel organised an island trip and picnic to explore the rainforrest and snorkle for the day. My girlfriend dived and said that the diving was the most perfessional and world class she has experienced.

By GT , 04-10-2010

Nope - hey mate. waidroka is still a mess unfortunately. fijian staff are lovely, but the resort owners and pommie managers are horrible and do not cater to surfers. Food is really nasty too, had some horrible food poisoning. Stay at Matanivusi or don't bother...

By Jonas , 28-09-2010

Waidroka Bay Resort - Hey everybody,

Has anyone been to Waidroka Bay Resort lately?
I'like to go there within the next month for some surfing and maybe scuba diving. Since the ratings on this forum differ a lot, I'd be super stoked about some news to the friendliness of the staff, its knowledge about surfing, general outlook of the infrastructure and maybe the quality of the food.

Cheers for your help,


By Anonymous , 23-07-2010

fiji open all surf for eevrybody - fiji open

By Anonymous , 15-06-2010

Affordable accommodation - I stayed at Tubakula (pronounced Too_mbakul) Beach Bungalows, right on the beach!! about 15 minutes drive to the river mouth, used Ali - the taxi driver :)to get there, see

By carola , 15-04-2010

any cheap? - hey,
are there any cheap places to stay or is everything super expensive?

By Anonymous , 22-08-2009

Rendezvous? seashells?? - hey, im headin to Fiji solo, want to surf everyday but want to stay somewhere thats not all couples as im alone. Is seashells serious bout surf trips everyday?? or is Rendezvous the better pic. im staying for a month. any info much app. cheers

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