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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By roselora , 14-01-2016

- Je découvre ton site il est magnifique super bravo a toi
voyance gratuite par mail

By Anonymous , 23-07-2010

To The Roseman's............... - MWHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAA. Sure you made your millions, but its all over now!

By antpoo , 14-07-2010

Tavarua - ok, im here in Fiji now staying near seashell in momi bay. The cost to get out to the waves is $65 and most boats including mine returned by 12 noon for a total of almost 4 hours in the water. We surfed Restaurants as it protected from the onshore wind we had. What was more impressive than the waves was the ammount of boats and people approx 50. Obviously everywhere else shit however restaurants was slightly protected. The wave had obvious potential and for the shitty 5 foot wind swell it was throwing up some nice rides. Not worth my $65 however. This place is like a cartel, the americans seem to have paid off all the local chiefs who own the boats and noone will let you out for under $65 fking ripoff. im so frustrated, a jet ski would be awesome, allow ppl to find their own waves. Its also true that we can surf anywhere here now thanks to new government decree. Surf camps quite shitty though and expensive for what they offer. If you can time perfect waves im sure it is all worth it, however if you dont, you can feel ripped off. I will go out again tomorrow if it looks good. OH yeah, BRING ALL UR OWN GEAR AS THERE IS NOTHING HERE! Not even in surf shop.

By Freesurfer , 09-07-2010

DONT PAY - If you have paid for Tavarua get your money back fast. There are plenty of places to stay at a fraction of the cost. You no longer need to pay a premium for an illegal exclusivity set up.

Support the local people and the villages. Don't put your money in some US bank account.

The operators Jon and Cynthia Roseman have made millions per year. You do the sums. The local village who has had the rights to the break is poor. They have relied upon medical donations to provide basic care to their people while Jon and Cynthia made a couple of million profit per year over the last 23 years.

Outright exploitation over the locals who are some of the most decent and caring people you can find.

Justice has been served. Moce J and C.

By Anonymous , 08-07-2010

kai viti - its all over now folks all surf in fiji is free for all from tomorrow.. what this means is access for all no intimidation from tavarua and namotu operators, widespread benefits for the people of fiji..its time for all to share

By Anonymous , 01-07-2010

Cloudbreak Opening Soon -
The Fiji Broad casting Commission just released the article below.

Surf’s Up in Fiji with new decree
Thursday, July 01, 2010

Surfing areas around the country are now open to anyone who wants to use them under the new Regulation of Surfing Areas Decree.

Tourism Minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum says this will allow access to any surfing area in Fiji without payment or compensation, and enhance Fiji’s image as a premier surf travel destination.

In the past some top surfing areas were restricted by hotels or resorts that had leases over the area and imposed payment and conditions for their use.

The Decree cancels any existing instrument of title, including any lease or license - without payment of any compensation.

All interests for any surfing area in Fiji have been vested to the Director of Lands and the decree excludes any challenges in court against the cancellation of existing interests.

As the Minister responsible, Sayed-Khaiyum will determine a date for the commencement of the Decree.

By Anonymous , 04-02-2010

The Facts - The comments below show a complete lack of understanding of the situation. With 99 year leases the true owners cannot resume ownership at the expiration of a lease unless they pay the current value of the improvements to the land.

On the coral coast the major resorts are on native title leashold. If the villages want their land back they pay for all of the infrastructure on that land.

A small resort on the Coral Coast recently sold for 20M$. If the local village wanted it back then they pay 20m$. Same with cloudbreak. Call it leasehold. It is a lease that can never be broken - Unless the "owners" come up with millions, the lease continued.

In Vanuatu there was an island for sale for millions. The lease was for a few hundred dollars per year. The locals tried to argue that during the 1960's the chief gave the lease for a few quick drinking dollars. No independent legal advice. No percentage increase per year.

Let me guess "Honeymooner" you are from the USA and you have justified the situation to yourself. Don't try and justify the sitaution because you cannot.

The leases are worth F*&^ all. The true owners will never take possession of their ancestral lands ever again.

Comments like the one below show either ignorance or an attempt to self-justify.

If you are a genuine surfer who cares for local people dont take part in this evil set up.

By Anonymous , 09-01-2010

- i was lucky enough to honeymoon on tavarua in 1989. my wife and i were the only guests, i was the only surfer there apart from 2 american guys who were the guides.had it between 4&8ft and it was epic...all to ourselves. sorry to gloat..but man it was special.if i had one tip, it would be to wear booties.

to the dr asking about far as i'm aware only the local tribes can lay claim to reefs and land areas. they lease them out on 99yr contracts, so the only ones who actually 'own' anything are the local tribes people.

By Johnny , 22-02-2009

Angry Seppos - I surfed cloudbreak 7 days a week in the early nineties.We stayed at seashells and travelled by boat from momi bay.Even back then we were hassled and threatened with violence from rich seppos coming over surfing it when tavarua wasnt firing.We figured they were bitter from paying big money for staying on tavarua and having to surf cloudbreak with guys who were paying 20 bux a night in seashell cove.Glad i havnt been back...seems a total joke now...Dont worry boys its a good wave but not epic...ive had better waves in Oz...and over sand bottom to boot.Let the rich seppos have it to themselves....birds of a feather flock together.

By sirfdog , 16-12-2008

owning a spot is wrong - guilty, I have surfed it. it is great wave. I paid the money. Too rich for my blood. I beleive it is wrong. If someone were to monopolize parts of indo or mainland mex people would freak out. That being said cloudbreak with 50 fing guys out would be dangerous and crazy. especially with a good swell. I would hate to see localism like the northshore destroy that wave. I am torn between the worst sides of human nature.......

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