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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By LucTelier , 13 Jun

locura - I envy you people, you are going to surf in Australia and I 'll stay watching the English Channel from my fluffy couch..And people then ask why I have ended up with Phenq. This is madness..

By VictorB , 30 May

locura - Estais seguros que este sitio no es lleno de timburones? Estariamos seguros alli? Empeze el surf para mantener mi linea, no quiero ariesgar mi vida. Seria preferible utilizar ketone

By lefoyoficu , 22 May

- This burger king offers not only burgers but also mybkexperience offers you french fries, hamburgers, soda and many more items. It serves the items which you have ordered within a few minutes.

By phantom8 , 26-05-2011

surf caddies - if you know any japanese surfers who might be going to bali or surrounding islands, could you please let them know it is very UNCOOL to pay a local guide to start fights in the surf so they can get waves to themselves. the caddies are also paid to sit inside of everyone and call the other surfers off so their clients can catch the waves. the japanese visitors to indonesia are getting a really bad name with other surfers for this reason. pass this on an hopefully stop this practice before something bad happens. regards kim

By Anonymous , 22-09-2010

spiders surf spot at geares mandurah wa - Could someone email me at the exact location of spiders surf spot mandurah wa. Aparently is near gearies falcon mandurah wa. Much appreciated

By benito , 24-08-2009

benito - hey everyone im part of the shark observation program and i would really appreciate for everyone that has spotted a shark in australian waters to call this number.( 43971640 ) your help is needed in the protection of these amazing animals. thanks guys.

By andycooper , 03-04-2009

About Australia - Australia is a tourism area.
Kangaroo lives in Australia only

By maddie , 25-02-2009

hey - box head was pumping out on monday 4ft left in the top 100 waves in da world

By waxer , 05-11-2008


By waxer , 05-11-2008

- macs littles box sunshines..bestbreaks in theworld? anyone?

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