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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By Anonymous , 25-05-2007

The way it's going to be - New Rule. If you support Rip Curl, you get dropped in on. Worldwide!!!!

By Anonymous , 05-01-2007

reply to stephenw - i recomend the area arouns perth city or a bit north. a good wave/place would be back beach in lancilin it is quite long on a good day and os fair sized it is a beach break as well.

By Pweter , 27-06-2006

The POWER State - WA Rocks I know as I have lived all around Australia and for powerful down the line waves nowhere comes close in OZ. Queensland has the easiest waves, NSW the most consistant, victoria has size but lacks power. Wa is the shit. Long drives, shitloads of flies, Hot flange.

By , 31-10-2005

Learn to surf waves ? - Does anybody know a good beginner's wave around WA, Nr Perth would be good but anywhere is needed, preferably not too crowded and beach/sand bar, with hopefully a long ride.

By joel guy , 02-07-2005

mullaz - man i no mullaz is shit but today it must hav been a good 5ft hell fun.I am joel guy i can a.r.s.

By anonymous , 29-06-2005

get a dog up ya - yeh was sik i wouldnt claim 6ft leighton more like 3 ft sets

By gummi bear , 27-06-2005

off its chops - all of perth was absolutely off its chops today if u didnt notice, if u missed it UNLUCKY

By cool f , 25-06-2005

Leighton goes off - man Leighton is just about the best wave I have ever caught so nice and with a 6ft face

By anonymous , 10-06-2005

lucky us - gee we r lucky here in WA. to the south of perth we have some amazing waves that are really really under rated, to the north we have some of the best, most isolated waves in the world and just of perth we have a party island with awsome waves like strickos. this place is really underrated and u know what, maybe thats a good thing

By anonymous , 12-05-2005

lots of shadows - been alot of shark activity in the past 3 months but its starting to quieten now as the salmon dissapear n stuff

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