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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Australia, WA, Perth South

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By Anonymous , 23-07-2007

mmm mature - the guy who wrote the comment busdriver wouldnt no nufin
i no him and hav seen him at binningup and cant stand up on his lil surfboard

he can talk wen he learns to stand up

By Anonymous , 21-07-2007

mickey is a sik kent - the person who wrote the last comment cant even stand up on his surfboard and he claims he did 2 snaps where as he got munched trying 2 stand up

basically he is a shit surfer who thinks hes king

p.s he rkns that day was shit cooz he didnt catch a wave like usual

By Anonymous , 18-07-2007

busdriver - The surfer in the second photo named "Small Day" on the surfboard isnt all that good, he is basically going straight meaning he is a busdriver, and Binninup looks shit to the last time i went!

By Carlie , 09-06-2006

local - this is my home town i dont acctually no how to surf but i do no that if you come on the right day the waves are fenominal and the beach is awsume!
but these days dont come offen i have lived in binningup since i was born and i have seen very few of these days.
but if your gunna come come soon cos the caravan park is being sold to sum resort place so unless you can afford 100 bucks a night i would come befor the yuppies take over our beach.

By jero , 28-10-2005

sharks? - I've surfed the reef there a bit in winter and it boots(occasionally)I was just wondering what kinda sharks are around? A mate of mine was attacked there by a 4 foot wobbygong when skin diving last summer.

By anonymous , 30-03-2005

- im from over east, i regualy surf indies"the zone" and "ckracky" whats it like on a boog? i may be forced to live there soon, worth checking?

By , 31-01-2005

Binno Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!11 - I ride a WAVE-SKI and their is a total of 4 breaks a Binno
with my Fav being the POINT which is the break i think most of you are talking about. Now it's been a while since i hev surffed there, but i remember it being about head height on numerous occasions and being about 200mts out and riding that break(left or right) all the way in with it leaving me high and dry...... i just love this place when it is working..... deffinately a fav break of mine!!!!!! but yeah, the sharks a Binno do get big so i am told, my grandfather has seen a few big ones caught just out from this particular spot..........

By ME!! , 21-10-2004

Local Girl! - Hey i live out binno! i am a chick, and i lub surfin there! it aint big or special...but it is awsome on a good day...just nice for a lazy ride!!!

By i think i would know i live ere , 29-08-2004

crap wave - this wave is nothing like down south on a good day, you obviosly surf hussa and them crap waves that are still probly betta

By anonymous , 11-08-2004

Cranking - I surfed binningup on saturday the 7th of august 2004. with my mate dave and it was going off. the left was peeling for 100m and it was about head height. there was only 3 other guys out. way better than bunbury any day and i think it rates up there with some places down south on its day. happy surfing.

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