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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Perth City

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By ur mum , 30-07-2004

- pic 15 looks fake but still pretty cool

By anonymous , 20-07-2004

- nice picture of Waimea shorebreak

By wanna surf admin , 18-07-2004

y spin - y spin,the lot of ya?

By chris , 19-06-2004

what the hell?!??! - Like 2 of the comments for scabs are actually about surfing, if ya want ta talk about crap eg. how ta spew in a car?!? i don't wanna hear, use ya bloody e-mail.

By anonymous , 10-05-2004

straight handed - scarbs beta get sum banks soon.

By oprah , 29-03-2004

TV show - Sorry 4 being helpful game its not like i went out and trimmed my front rowers was it quokka. HAHA maybe together we could have a TV show on genital maintenance and tips

By doas , 29-03-2004

spewy to tha mutha funin queey - Hey boys its Doa. Look if u brothaz want sum advice on how 2 spew in peoples cars i am an expert at that game. I like 2 spew and feel it running down tha front of my shirt all tha chunks it makes me feel so sensual. I then like to relocate to tha front saet and chunder my guts in tha front seat thats good times. Also i once tried to tickle spoons cock but he denied and i was a wee bit cut but those r tha breaks. Ah wells i will just have 2 settle for sum italian luvin with that horny wog big ang. I luv when we run game 2gether its even better than when me and eggo have hairy luv.

By cock tickler , 29-03-2004

stage fright - here is a word of advice from your bro spoon have you ever had stage fright when you go for a piss well ive come up with a way to over come it it is simple you just rub the end of your helmet and your dik will wanna piss its as simple as that for more gay advice just ask me swellz iam always there to tell you that shit

By QG , 24-03-2004

my website - Clown and Quox are lovers. Thats right they are homo sexual and I QG have tha undeniable proof. You see when we were on rotto i went to bed and in da morning i woke up to see quokks and noong living each othas dream pants down and all. Im not disgusted by this but cos i myself am a fan of the male form. I have even added these fotos onto my gay website. Visit for all tha dirty pics. I also have gay fottage of binx and the dirty sanchez, eeeeeg and bowl living each other and matters just generally being gay. Also leo is there doing his best gay impression so log on 4 a gay old time

By 28yr old game , 22-03-2004

i want that spoon - hey chris this is that random 28yr old lady that you met at rosies on the weekend and i want to catch up with you so you can meet my kids opps i mean my freinds bring sum of your hell hot mates with you but dont bring those 2 seedy blokes that were at the pub with you expecially that black man were does he get of pretending to be irish huh the nerv hey oh well i will say good buy for now so call ok

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