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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Perth City

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By anonymous , 05-12-2005

my mistake - its guys

By anonymous , 04-12-2005

New Surf Co! - hey all,

check out Perth's freshest new Surf Company, Xtrusion Surf Co, yes it is a new company and they need all the support they can get, but check out the products page! some good new designs on the current stock but more products and more designs being added soon! check it all out at

By orrrrrrrrrrr , 19-10-2005

fags - go surf rotto u shittyole scabs kooks, stand ups r the gayyyiesssssssssssssT

By des , 09-10-2005

yo - i got robbed by a the filthy black cunt last weekend fucking cunt deserves to be flushed down the shitter

By poohater , 14-09-2005

scab boy - Scabs is a pretty average wave, however its as good as you will get surfing metro beaches, if you dont like it dont surf it. The crowds have gone crazy here in the last couple of years, if you have half a brain you know where to escape on the weekends.

By Ti Grogson , 17-08-2005

Scabs Rocks - Scabs rocks, i love it. just live up the road and winter time is great. especially when i get to drop in on all the boogers. I love it when its big, its gets real heavy and hollow, although i am only pibe poot pibe so i can squeeze into all the gnarly pits better than anyone here

By anonymous , 17-07-2005

- if u dont wannas surf in perth stop whinging and piss off theres decent waves in winter and rotto is good

By anonymous , 17-07-2005

closeouts - surfed scarbs on saturday with a wsw 2.5 swell and no wind, big closeouts lost my fin still fun though

By hjhjhf , 28-05-2005

surfer faggs - fuk all u gay surfer fags who think your kool scabs is for bodyboarders use gay surfer cunts go to sandtracks or some where else fuk all use gay cunts half of use cant surf anyway

By burr , 26-04-2005

point agro - pic 3 is i believe trigg point,close but no cigar.

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