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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Perth City

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By craigo , 13-06-2006

scabs mains - scabs mains is a secret spot producing some closeouts that are very special to me

By Mattao , 01-06-2006

Pic 72 - pic 72 isnt scabs its brighton beach i check evryday nearly and it was yestaday pic for Perth and said BRIGHTON BEACH

By anonymous , 12-05-2006

gingovitis - i saw some hell gooofy kid there he was hell scared of like all the waves over 1 foot he couldnt close his mouth properly and was hell kooky

By anonymous , 13-04-2006

- scabs is alright but augusta and margs are better

By ur good friend anonymous , 15-02-2006

too many ppl - scarborough or scabs has we all no it. im just sick and tired of ppl droping in on each other omg ppl i no there a shit load of ppl out there but just wiat ur turn and u new ppl out there show ur respect too the older ppl. iv stoped going to scabs because of this people plz just wait ur turn peace out happy surfing all

By anonymous , 13-02-2006

packed - scabs is shit cause its always packed and its kook central. If ur a kook dont go there

By anonymous , 11-02-2006

sunrise - surf this at sunrise, im talking get out of bed when its still pitch black and drive to scabs, when u get there u have the whole place to yourself. i was the first to arrive on a late rising sun- 5:32 i had the whole place till 6:30 with two bodyboarders and a couple of swimmers. left at 9 with about 200 people in the water. scored about 25 good waves though so i was fucking stoked, being a begginer and all

By brendon backshall , 24-01-2006

brendon backshall - this place actually isnt too bad in winter hey, even has some ok waves in summer, but u gotta fight like 100 guys for the same wave. if you move up the beach a bit to near trigg beach south, theres the possibility you might be able to score a nice little peak to urself, but only if ur lucky. as for perth, stop whinging, ever heard of a boat or a car? if you have either one of these you can : a) zip on over to rotto on your boat, and surf rotto box, chickens, or stark bay, all of which are sick waves to be had with limited crowds. stark bay goes off on massive swells and pretty much any winds with a southerly in it. and rotto box is heavy pit heaven that has even the best surfers in wa frothing. ie. james catto, brad hughes, dave winny, and chris white. or...... b) you could make a trip down south for the week end and surf any spot your little heart desires. in the scheme of things, a 3 hour drive to score great waves is pretty much nothing in the scheme of things........the point of this is to tell all u perth metros to stop whinging, cause it really isnt that bad, quality breaks are only kilometres away!

By scarbs local , 23-01-2006

23rd of january - today the 23rd january was sick for summer anywhy finally some swell but very crowded

By scarbs local , 18-01-2006

scarbs sould be good - looks like sunday this week might be pretty good 3.5 meter swell with sse

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