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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Australia, WA, Perth City

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By guru , 27-11-2003

crews crews crews - and scarboro isnt that bad when it actually has the right conditions.. and if theres this big rivalry between mullaz boys and so called scarboro locals just look at the surf ratings and see which break is better..

By anonymous , 19-11-2003

no title - i know it was head and a half yesterday but there was about 10-15ppl out including myself. so there wasnt only 4 ppl out. maybe when everyone left...

By anonymous , 13-11-2003

hammered - when u think u can surf or booga try surfing straight onto the bank like in the third pic then u can really say u can surf

By anonymous , 12-11-2003

scabs can get good - believe it or nor fellow surfers, i actually came up 2 perth in the july holidays and scored pretty sik scarbourough. it was about 4-5 foot (thats douth feet) and was offshore all day. had pretty good shape and not to many ppl out (well by perth standards). but this was prolly a one off

By anonymous , 11-11-2003

egor the machine - oh dear, what a shat wave, all those softcocks down in 'the cott' can fack off as well.

By anonymous , 19-10-2003

no title - all u shits think ur locals, u actually have to live in the area to regard urselves as 'locals' most of ya probly live 20 minutes from the beach and only surf in summer when people are watchin.
go down south if u wanna prove yourselves.

By how blue , 07-10-2003

swells will fuk yous up - swells hav claimed scabs so all you cunts can fuk offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

By jimmy the pisssed bum that lives at the beach , 16-09-2003

scarborough is just one long closeout - you will see more redneck bogans at this beach than any other in the world

also more hot teenage girls than any other in the world

all boardriders are gay trigg,scarborough,mullllo doesn't matter you are all gay

By g , 10-09-2003

no title - hows it goin mate, iwent to primary skool in mt hawthorn,ur about a 10 min drive from scarbs which is a preety sik break,mainly in winter.or trigg or cott, i rekon trigg is better and not as crowded for summer.catch ya

By anonymous , 10-09-2003

moving to perth - hey im a body boarded and moving to perth more specific mt hyawthorn can some 1 give me some info about what beaches are good scarbs looks like it can get pretty good, what bout cottsloe or mullaz and trigg are they good?

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