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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Little island

Australia, WA, Perth City

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By Anon , 06-07-2006

To Regularly There - Spot on mate! I reeley hate da ppl dat dunno wot da doin and wanna pop a cap in a bro's ass. Seriously, we are surfers - not Gansta's. I've given up on the island, had some good days out there, but I don't think the wave is worth an encounter of the shit scared kind.

By regularly there , 19-05-2006

shark fact - Obviously many guys post shark sightings to discourage crowds from favourite breaks, but I was followed to the boat by a white pointer July last year. I didn't see it until I was in the boat, my mate in the boat spotted it cruise past after I'd just climbed in! This isn't to scare you. Just be aware. The water is 15m deep just off the back of the break, there are seals on the island ( a small colony of maybe 20)and the line of reef naturally channels migratory stuff along the back of the island. I still surf there, it's a good wave. Take this as fact. The fact that I can type widout usin dat stoopid gromut spelink shood proov mi cred. Share the waves everywhere.

By , 08-05-2006

best perth break!! - omg dudes this is the best break in metro..screw the sharks.. i mean how often r they round..wen eva i go ther thers no seals on the yeh but dnt think bout ther sharks..think bout the awsome thrillrides ur bout to get..last time i went ther it was huge nd me nd my uncle n two uder guys wer onli ones out wit perfect conditions!!!PERFECT!! if u eva ave a chance of goin ther nd the conditions r good.. GO!!! its the best surfing out in the ocean itss maaaddd...wuldnt go ther in low tide tho..more like the end of ur life!!! sharks r neva, waves r foreva!!

By Samuel O'Hearn , 23-01-2006

Sharks - went there today and saw a tiger shark feeding frenzy be carefull: seals attract sharks and there are lots of seals

By anonymous , 06-05-2005

Rough Surf - Was out yesterday - Mountainous surf. Dangerous currents running, so people should take care.

By hipppy , 22-06-2004

- yeh not a bad wave, prolly the best we have in metro perth, still shit by east coast standards or where ever there are waves that have a ride for 70m+.
on saturday the 19th june, there was a 3.8 meter great white that payed the surfers there a visit, there are seals on the island! hence its other name "seal island" surf there wif mates

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