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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Perth City

Australia, WA

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By Anonymous , 15-04-2010

Rune's an idiot - Typical dumb Aussie comment - most people in the UK don't konw what it is to swim in the ocean.

Don't konw if you noticed mate but the UK is an island and nowhere is more than 72 mls frmo the sea.

I lived in Perth for a year and never once had surf as good as my home breaks in Wales or even better Ireland.

Sure it's better down south but take my advice and next time you travel somewhere have a look around - the UK has some good surf, maybe it's just a bit cold for you wussie Aussies!

By Anonymous , 07-09-2009

gay - Perth surf is puny and crap. Small can be great if the sand banks can work but they never do. Scabs has to be one of the worst waves about and always straight banks. Once in a blue moon a surfer will come out of a scab barrel and it mostly full of lids. and trigg is too crowded for what is a very overrated wave. And then when the swell does get up the winds are usually f*cked and blowing an onshore gale. Some twit has posted south fremantle beaches as a surf spot...Your kidding me right? it actually better not to surf in perth and save yourself the pain and suffering.

By MARK , 18-07-2009


By Dreaming!! , 18-06-2007

Say What Rune? - Sydney has surf, the Goldy is only about 1/2 hr to 1hr from Brisbane, Melbourne surfers travel the hour to Torquay, Phillip Island, Mornington.
Perth surfers travel a minimum of 1/2 hr to crappy locations or a minimum of an hour to somewhere half decent. Lets get one thing straight here - Perth gets swell, but has few waves of any quality. Trigg point undoubtedly the best. May as well live in Launceston!

By , 17-06-2007

Be grateful............ - Yes....we all know that Perth isn't that consistent and we have all been disappointed at some stage by what's on offer and or the crowds involved with what's on offer. But just look what we have around us. The reefs and beachies of Lancelin...if you are organised and have the time it's not that hard to get there, same with down south...and not just the big name spots like Yallingup and Margies. There are heaps of little gems on the way down there if the conditions are right and you know where to look. We are so extremely lucky here, I think that there are at least 200 spots I could name between Lancelin and Margaret River...probably more, if you can't find somewhere to surf on our coast that isn't Trigg then you are not looking hard enough. Also, I lived in the UK for 6 years, London for 3. If you want to really appreciate what we have here...even knee high Trigg in a Nor'wester...go there and live. Most of those people don't even know what it's like to swim in the ocean let alone surf, it's a real eye opener. There were so many occasions I wished I was home to paddle out in sloppy conditions just to get wet and feel normal. To cut a long story grateful for what we have at our doorstep, there are literally millions who would kill to have what we do.

By Rune , 21-05-2007

Stop whingeing - I keep reading comments from Perth surfers complaining about the surf. Consider yourself lucky, although the surf isn't epic at least you can find surf in a capital city. Only one other capital city in Australia has surf, Sydney. Everywhere else you have to travel for a surf (about the same distance as Margaret River/Yallingup). Stop whingeing or drive down south and leave the local spots less crowded. Wankers.

By throbber , 21-01-2007

arseloving in the surf - well i aint no rookie and i reckon perth is fuckin up there man, full on sick and i aint not joker, me and mi grommits go down to whitties and rack up sum doubles, thats rite my bitches, we do two on one board, challenging as it seems, its no worries, helps if u lose the boardies and cram ur donger in ur mates crack, gives stability and keeps u both on the board. good to do it mid morn tho, keep the mums happy, try it homies,

By Anonymous , 03-09-2006

in love - how good is rotto seriously if ne1 says its shit they havent been or havent looked becos there is so many good breaks ive never tought about surfin ey soo good world class

By Anonymous , 08-08-2006

Perth - Unfortunately, I have been a Perth Surfer for many years. The swell doesn't really get above six feet on the reefs/beaches. Anyone who claims that it does...well it's just crap. A mate of mine surfs a lid (no probs there) but one day he told me that a particular suburban beach had "12 foot faces". Holy shit! I almost choked on my weetbix. 12 feet if you are laying down maybe!?! This type of exageration seems common among lid riders in Perth (this dude was no grommit either). The banks are becoming worse with each year, we have an artificial reef in a silly location etc. If you're coming out west (to Perth) either keep heading west on a ferry, drive 3 hours south (bypassing Mandurah...with relief) or head north. I've travelled around the country and many parts of the world and it is not uncommon for a surfer from Perth to drive 600k's in one day...just for a surf.

By Anonymous , 27-07-2006

Realistic T - Tracks once asked "Perth shitest waves in Auz"? At first this question may prove true for many.
However the experience of escaping societies pressures and being at peace with yourself and all surroundings is something that should not be under valued.

The great philosphyer Alfred Lord Tennyson said "Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all". For many of us Perth surfers although the waves may be well below expectation we still love it and always will.
So the next time someone makes a funny if you say u surfed 2 foot onshore leighton, remember tis better to have surfed and to of had a dig then to have never of surfed at all.

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