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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North West

Australia, WA

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By Bert Burger , 09-09-2011

Kituern Mak Mak - man do i miss tombies , nothing like a triple stepper over the ledge from behind .. never forget the time i ran my rail through the wrong step and ended up sandwiched inside a 6 foot thick lip , 3 over and 3 under , 4 seconds of orbit and then forced into a bunch of crazy yoga posistions that even gumby couldnt twist his way into while praying i wasnt about to get impaled on that crazy coral ...
dont ever dive on Gnarloo when its flat , your better off not knowing whats down there ....
ok that was the bad experience , here comes a good one ..
has this happened to anyone else ?, i once got a barrel so deep here that everything went quiet , first there was the roar of the crashing lip , then as i got deeper , the only noise was the gentle chatter of my rail , tapping on the light chop , then as i came out , i heard the roar of the crashing lip again , it was almost like all sound was being blown out ahead of me for 3 or 4 seconds ..
when i paddled back out , i was trying to tell my mates what just happened , but they all looked at me like i was tripping ..

anything like that happened to anyone else up there ??


By Anonymous , 29-09-2008

- LOL!!! going by the size of the west OZ coast + about 3 people probably live there!! you still get these australian fu*kin pricks pretending there legends and tough locals and trying to warn us away from there'over crowded waves' etc... any1 else find this fu*kin hilarious!

By Anonymous , 26-03-2008

karratha - THERE are waves in k town if u know where to look and you go in the right season. ask some locals mate

By Anonymous , 06-03-2007

Karratha - Karratha is a good place to learn to waves up here man.

Maybe a bit on some of the islands offshore.

By wawawawawawawa , 10-12-2006

disgruntled - IS NOTHING SACRED THESE DAYS cheers to the clown who added all the new spots, let people explore regions for themselves and find uncrowded good waves. not drive strait there in the droves and make spots disfunctional.

By a yank , 30-09-2006

surf in karratha - i might be moving to karratha later this year and will be there for a while. is it a good place to learn to surf? im from texas and have never experienced it and i really want to learn.

By Anonymous , 25-08-2006

wheres Gnarloo?? - Gnarloo is like the feature spot of this area so why the hell isnt it posted?? And what about Slaters??

By der , 02-05-2006

- what do you reckon

By anonymous , 21-01-2006

Coming to Carnarvon - Soon will be in Carnarvon: older surfer, likes small waves - 2-3 ft good enough. Any mellow waves (or beachies) in the area?

By josh , 06-09-2005

for that guy - for the guy who wants to know where some good surf is in the karratha region get a boat and go out to angel island it is mad sum tyms well pce out

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