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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Margaret river left

Australia, WA, Margaret River South

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By Horsewhisperer , 16-02-2008

what board for 4-6 Feet? - Pretty much any board you feel comfortable taking out in that size will do. Margs is a lot of fun and pretty laid back when it's that small. Beware though, if your in a surf shop or pub in town, and a local tells you it's 4-6 feet, then it's more likely 6-8 feet plus (3 head high or bigger). It's their perogative to estimate down the size a bit. I suppose they think it shows they have balls of steel ;) Margarets takes on totally new dimension when it's 8 feet plus, though. The waves start to become moving mountains above this, and the broken boards and leggies start to fly around. Bring along your big wave gun just in case.

By Anonymous , 20-09-2007

Duuude - The Surferpoint Resort in the area is like totally awesome dude!Greaaat Times mate!MARGARET RIVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

By Anonymous , 13-08-2007

- ey dudes what board do ya recomend for marg on a 4-6ft day? will a 6'1" semi gun do?

By Anonymous , 17-02-2007

all talk - i jus hate people who say that they have surfed it in huge swells then call every1 else fags or somthin, i bet u none of u cowards that have ever posted a message dissin the locals would ever step up if u were confronted so jus bak down and respect the locals n the break n dnt run ur mouth off

By macca(west oz) , 12-06-2006

simply awesome!!! believe it!!!! - went dwn margs for the foundation day long weekend!!! mains was firing at 8-12ft and cunts were towing into 15ft bombs on the outer reefs! if your serious about your surfing then make a trip there as soon as possible. dont hesitate!!!!!

By TOOTHLESS MOOSE , 20-03-2006

hardcore - I come all over from south oz and shoed the maggie boyz how big wave suffin is dun.Ever sinz I got here ever bodies scared of me cos I go so hard in the big stuff.No one can tuch me ya wimps.

By Pweter , 20-02-2006

give you a tip 'Greg Chainsaw' - The reason you see no one out on the bigger days greg is that no one who surfs this area rates main break margs, they all surf better secret breaks that you don't know about. sorry to burst your bubble you hardcore SOB.

By Tickles , 03-10-2005

share your stories - a guy in New Zealand is cordinating a surf movie and he wants people's footage from around the world regardless of who is surfing it etc - as long as the surf is beautiful. all accepted submissions will get paid and some profits will go to the surfaid charity. No spots will be named e.g. Pipeline would simply be labelled Hawaii etc etc The story is basically this - if you sucked all of the oceans dry we'd be standing on one island - we're all really similar and get a huge buzz from surfing whether we're in Bulgaria or australia. Email for more info

By roight! , 13-09-2005

oi! - rekn' theas sm grea why shaaks down thea, mate

By anonymous , 15-06-2005

- after a surf go down the tav and pick up a mum. theres heaps of em

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