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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, WA, Kalbarri

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By simmo93 , 05-04-2013

yep got it - how yu going guys, i was up at kalbarri last week and me and mate decided we wanted to find it. we did find it and it was about 4-6ft looks really fun we didnt take boards with us besudae it was exactly an hours walk...was so worth it i filmed it and took a few snaps let me know if you want me to put them up.

By Anonymous , 16-06-2007

guy 2 comments below me - the guy who posted the comment 2 comments below this, you cant rip on others for not spelling, the word, "the" right. since you think you are just as cool by saying "farkin", instead of saying "fucking."
or you are just a pussy....or a spastic

By Local grom , 12-09-2005

local surfer - yous dont now shit bout echos, to surf echos u need a good size swell and a lite ne wind and it will be pergfet, it takes around 10, to 15mins in a good boat through the river mouth, and its north, and a easy 1hr walk.

By Dumb people get no respect , 20-06-2005

needs an east swell, and an east wind? - Sounds like the fella who did the write up likes to surf windchop out to sea, or maybe he has a sail. Also, I hate it when kooks who think they are cool write "tha" instead of "the" . farken dickhead, it's the first word my 3 year old son learnt to spell!

also, some people say it's 30 min walk, some say 2 hours. dunno who's exaggerating but it looks like it's time to find out the hard way, thats what it's all about anyway!

By Rizzle Nutz , 18-03-2005

- all i will say is the best way to get to this wave is by boat, it is an extremely long walk.

By Johnny Canuck , 27-09-2004

becoming obsessed with the idea of this wave - Hey mates - I have to know if this thing is real; does anybody have a couple of pictures of it to make a poor boy from the Great White North happy? I've talked to people in Port Gregory and I'm fixated on the idea of Echo's - need to see it.


By anonymous , 30-03-2004

k,sdf - 15 minute boat ride north of gero harbour

By anonymous , 25-03-2004

wank - last night i had the best wank ever damb it felt goood

By anonymous , 16-09-2003

no title -

By anonymous , 08-09-2003

no title -

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