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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Easter reef

Australia, VIC, Western Victoria

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By nick , 12-08-2008

lovo - this wave is actually called two mile, ross slater have been out here so many times but no one charges it like the locals we get it 20 foot plus yeeeeeoooooooowww go port boys

By Anonymous , 08-08-2006

- awesome break. our heavy weight.
sorry to burst your bubble guys but the pics of "wayne lynch" are not wayne lynch. W. Lynch is one of our best ever GOOFY footers.
not surprised K.S and R.C.J have ripped it up here.
sick photos anyways fellas.

By anonymous , 12-04-2006

sik break - i have seen surfers encluiding kelly slater ross clarke jones and tony ray surfing this place when it is 20ft+ is a a gnarly wave!

By Percy , 15-04-2005

- This place is f***en scary i was there wit 10-15ft waves bodyboarding and i was use to 6ft
I defintly agree with the surf frequency pros or kamikazes only

By , 19-03-2005

6' Surf Ski does Two Mile... - Must thank Hellman Machonachy and another unnamed surfer for saving my life at this break many years ago. I paddled out from in front of the surf club to the break.

Five pro's out who looked at me and thought "This guy's either really good or really stupid..."

I was the second. Paddled for the first one and it just lined up like an endless wall that felt like i was on the third floor of a block of flats. Totally took my breath away. 16' plus according to Hellman. Sat back for about 1/2 an hour to get my breath back. Paddled for a lesser one...14'...not smart on a 6' ski.

Crashed and burned, lost the board. Nearly lost my life.

First ski on Two Mile...stupid way to gain notoriety.

Hellman... there's always a Tequila Suinrise waitin' for you whenever I see you. Cheers.

By Da Tipp'star , 15-09-2004

Respect the Locals!!! - Don't surf here unless your extremly comfortable in the big stuff 10-15++ This spot has a handful of dedicated locals that charge it when ever it's on, be warned if you piss off any of these boy's, you wont surf this place again. Ever seen Winki over 10ft, pretty solid huh, well, wait till you see this place pumping, makes Winki look silly. go to to see a great Vicco surf site, heaps of up to date Pic's, Video's News and reports. it's on.

By anonymous , 24-07-2004

awsome - fucking awsome scored it at 20 plus a few weeks ago absolutly going off. for sure hawian type juice

By baz , 22-06-2004

epicness - mate i had a trundle down easter reef the other week it was bout 4m and tubing totally awesome get this bad boy on a good day and ull enjoy ureself
be warned it is not for wimps...if ure not equipped dont even think about it a wipeout gets gnarly

By anonymous , 03-05-2004

Paddle from the bay? - Are you nuts? The paddle would have to be over a km to get to Easter reef from Port Campbell itself.

What I want to know is this: does the right hand bommie outside Port Campbell lefts and also the bommie off the western headland of P.C. break on massive swells?

By anonymous , 27-08-2003

HE BE CRAZY - one of my dads mates surfs this spot allot. You can always tell what hes going to do when hes got the gun on the roof at 4 in the morning and is off the fill the skis up. He has also paid his dues a two wave hold down and a broken board at the start of this month. Luck his mate was buzzin around on the ski. Also this guys is fucking crazy. Lookin in a book called Surfing Victoria and you'll see him charging on a fucking bomb.

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