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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Point impossible

Australia, VIC, Melbourne West

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By Skeg , 25-08-2002

Nusists? - Haven't seen any lately..

By anonymous , 24-08-2002

Great spot - Point Impossible is by far one of the best nusist beaches in the country!!

By Hudge , 08-08-2002

I miss Posso's - When I die I am going to have my ashes scattered at Possos' lots of great times some great sessions, yeah too many Mals even on big days. Nothing better than pulling up in the car park and seeing a clean line up. Now living in Qld, miss possos don't miss the farking cold water.

By anonymous , 19-07-2002

Anonymous by Ron - My cover cover name is anonymous! A really out of the way secret spot is called 'pig farm'. It's just opposite the Colondina Caravan Park about 10 mins from Impossos but you must know the conditions first 'dick head'.



By anonymous , 19-07-2002

Ron - Any one who signs anonymous is a wanker! Impossos is a good medium size wave and breaks really well on the right conditions. 'Drop kicks' don't know what the right conditions are so they go there when it's shithouse and think it not a happening place,
Pss off wankers! Learn to understand the conditions first before you make a comment Dickhead.



By Slick , 27-06-2002

pumps on its day - Ya just gotta pick the right day and right spot at Posso's to get a good ride.. Inners is usually always packed with old guys on mals, outers is pretty much the same, but Shooters which is even further accross (second outer reef) goes off more than the others in my opinion but is a fair paddle... Scored my first barrel there, never forget it. Everyone around here respects each other most the time.. I've never seen any sharks but I've had seals surface a couple metres away from me...

By anonymous , 16-05-2002

no title - Try it on a huge swell and see how you go - like most waves it has its day. Needs to be 6 foot plus to be good.

By anonymous , 15-05-2002

PI Sucks! - Weak and pathetic, all i've got to say

By anonymous , 14-05-2002

hole - MALS SUCK GO BACK TO MALIBU - everyone who rides a mal is called malibu stacey. not that id want to surf here anyway.

By anonymous , 29-01-2002

point impossible - ve been heaps of sightings and it is a long paddle to saftey.

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