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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Point impossible

Australia, VIC, Melbourne West

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By Mozza , 18-04-2004

Impossos goes off ! - Like most spots, if you rock up on the wrong day it'll be shitty...But if you know the required conditions, it could be the surf of your life...
6 weeks ago me (lid) and 2 mates both (shorty's) paddled out off the reef to perfect 4 ft constant sets, best day i've ever seen, but we were sharing with 14 mal's...absolutely no respect for us 3 they constantly dropped in on us, cut us off and snaked us. They could have been pissed at the fact that nearly every wave i cought was from deep inside and peeled over me into perfect long barrels, it was supa easy pulling in cos im laying down, but everyone else was having a harder time, even my 2 mates got a few barells...On its day it can be absolutely classic but the crouds are a draw back to surfing this spot...

By anonymous , 04-12-2003

no title - Simon you need counselling mate, go do your dirty gay talk somewhere else. There is no need to tell us your stories of chocolate chimney sweeping here on a surfing site. You make me sick mate, you must be a lidder to talk like that

By simon , 06-10-2003

I had a great time - in the surf and an even better time in the sand dunes where there were hot cocks galore. I saw this guy wanking himself - i went over and knelt down and started to lick his balls and then take his juicy knob in my mouth and then proceeded to suck him dry - his hot cum coming down my throat. i love point impossible

By Someone who surfed there as a grom...... , 31-03-2003

South Grovedale Estate Coming Soon! - Used to be pretty mellow here until fuckin' developers built Wombah Park and South Beach estates. Now it is the domain of "iv'e moved to the coast from Melbourne and i'm gunna learn to surf on a mal at a soft reef break". There's progress for ya!

By peace to your mother bro , 14-03-2003

caught inside - i love when a big set wraps down from outsides catching all unaware, and i being on a shorter board, are able to dive deep letting the first one go over, while all the others are bailing and getting dragged down the beach. Then i paddle hard get into position and catch a monster which puts me deep into the river while all others are stuck there wishing they were in my position. Then i realise the wave is fatter than big mack on steroids and that i'd rather go to 13th

By Leo , 11-03-2003

Possos is fun - I had my best day ever at possos one Firday avo - 4 guys all dodging work - all on long boards just having a blast.

Shredders feel a bit threatend because of all the mals but there is room for all - but not for all egos

By PJ , 15-02-2003

scored! - I surfed 2nd reef posso's the other day durin the week.... 4-5 foot, no wind, one other out for 1- 2hours, sunny.... dropping tide getting suckier.... I knew there was a god!

By Ian , 13-01-2003

RE: I hate longboarders - Stop your winging u little bitch!
Shortboarders, longboarders, there is tossers on all sizes. Try riding a mal to mix it up , if u can't beat em join em

By anonymous , 18-12-2002

i hate longboards - don't bother trying to catch a wave on insides unless you've got a board bigger than nine foot. Theres so many mals a shortboarder has no chance

By JB , 10-11-2002

Every dog has its day... - This place can go off, just as others , needs a good swell, SW and good wind NW...try looking a little further "Second" or "Third" Outsides in good conditions...I have many good memories here back as far as 75..:0)

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