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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Melbourne West

Australia, VIC

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By Anonymous , 06-12-2008

vics best waves by far! - marengo to pricetown, most sewll in the state and endless beaches, points, reefs, wrecks, rivermouths, coves and bays. Try around the otway lighthouse if Bells region is 4-6 and offshore, take a big board Candles will burn you!

By bruce viaene , 01-05-2008

where to go? - hey guys. im heading to Melbourne in August! i wont have a car or any transport. is it far to get to some waves? got no clue the setup down there!


By Anonymous , 25-01-2007

- Torquay is O.K. you'll need a car, it's a while away from monash. At least an hour and a half. Winters cold but the best waves. Quality waves on the other side of Melbourne to and maybe even closer to Monash. Have a great time

By , 06-12-2006

BEST PLACE TO LIVE - hey guys, im gonna study in monash university on the next semester ( feb-jun) but my main cause of comming to australia is surfing
where is the best place for me to locate myself
i thought maby torquay cause its close to bells and all the rest
write me what do u locals think

By anonymous , 17-05-2006

hey dumbass - jam ya dumbass...
look at the map. its in the shape of ya head...oh look out the map of italy is goin to kick ya in ya head. (look at the map of italy. its in the shape of a boot you cretan!)
east coast of vic is mostly inaccessible and inconsistent. Yeh sure some of oz's biggest waves have been pipe like bombs not long ago but the crew will get around there. Not realy a secret any more buddy..wait for more crew. christopher columbus and captain cook are navigating the area right now and with them, theyll bring a ship load of west vicco surfers out your way and tear the place to pieces.
like that huh??bet ya do punk

By mik , 05-04-2006

Wetsuit for winter - I got by with a sealed 3/2 oniell psyco last season so youll be fine. All my mates surf in top end sealed 3/2s now thru winter, with the quality of wetties now its been a couple of years since weve needed the 4/3s. You may want booties for the real cold days but around the torquay area you can get by without them.

By anonymous , 19-03-2006

fairhaven - can sombody put down fairhaven please it is the best spot past anglsea

By anonymous , 19-03-2006

mate - it dosent get that cold well maybe being from hawaii it may be but i wear a steamer and sometimes just boardies

By anonymous , 23-01-2006

too easy - you will be sweet only need a 4/3 from about mid-winter so the 3/2 will be fine while ur here. U can also tough it out during winter with a good 3/2 pretty easily too.

By anonymous , 03-01-2006

wetsuit - i am coming to study @ deakin university this coming semester (Feb.-June). being from hawaii, i dont know much about wetsuits. i already bought a 3/2 oneill psycho, will this suffice, or will i want a 4/3? i would appreciate the input


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