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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Australia, VIC, Melbourne East

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By Anonymous , 09-07-2011

Anonymous - Agreed. Keep it local. Wait for the wind to whip up and surf the Melbourne beaches.

By Anonymous , 13-08-2008

Locals Only - This is beginning to get crowded as it is, go to gunnery.

By Anonymous , 27-07-2008

- cryils gets really good and fun if you go on the right tide/ wind/swell. also to the person from melbourne calling it a "2 star wave" we dont want you to come down....stay in melbourne!

By Anonymous , 11-07-2008

Tex - The first pic is the only one of Cyrils. The other two are of Big Left.

By Anonymous , 30-05-2008

stay in melbourne - cyrils, big left, gunnery, minoes they all have their good and bad days, and yer dont complain about waves being bad, it's because you cant see them work because your in melbourne and come down and friggin crap up our waves, if u dont like them get out of flinders and go back to melbourne

By Pauline , 20-03-2008

WAVES A JOKE - Cyrils is about a 2 star wave; thats being generous. Never wasting my time with this place again. Too far to drive from Melbourne for a fustrating crap surf. But at least it lures the idiots and so called locals away from other spots.

By Anonymous , 14-09-2006

Flinny crew - that guy below who askes were the place is....go to gunamatta or pines....not these places..there are already 2 many people there who dont live there. JEsus said if you dont live here, you dont surf here!

By Surfer joh , 28-06-2006

Does it ever get good? - Went out the other day. 4-6ft swell right tide, right wind - everything was set up and it should have been a good surf but it wasnt - because of all that chop that seems to get on the wave!!! Must be the uneven reef and the rocks that the waves crash on to. Never ever seems to have a smooth clean face here. Hard to surf with all the wonk. Very frustrating place..
Anyone else feel the same way?

By lollipop , 09-04-2006

dumb asses - none of the pic r of ciryals.

By anonymous , 16-02-2006

- as if that first pic is of cyrils. wat idiot puts that on here??

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