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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Melbourne East

Australia, VIC

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By Raghavendra , 09-03-2009

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By Ex Peninsula Dude , 17-01-2008

Bit of a Dud - Peninsula is too fickle. Got to have everything right; swell, tide, wind, banks. Sure it's rarely flat but at the same time it is rarely good!

By 3195 , 26-02-2007

keery green - dont go there! would be wise to leave it alone, plus its fickle and needs certain conditions that dont happen that often.

By Pweter , 14-07-2006

Summer parking - This is the only area in oz that i have seen that try and charge for parking in summer. just drive past the control gates and tell them to get fucked.

By butterfingers , 16-05-2006

kerry green - anyone got info on kerry green outside flinders ne one know ov this joint breaking

By pt leo trigger fukkers, suck my nuts , 04-05-2006

the message below - hits the nail on the head

since i love down here i know. yes there are many spots. but as the person below points out, they are not awesome, but occasionally they are.
put it this way. it can be 6 ft swell, clean and off shore, but there will be some factor that isnt right, thats limits all the spots that COULD be working. wether it be sand formation, tide, swell direction or crowds. u end up checking half a dozen spots that are all good, but not quite there.

u see, the locals are generally switched on to this. the network of knowing what could be working lets us narrow down the option to a few, so by the time anyone else rocks up, its got its designated crowd.

although then there is the opposite, when all the spots just work, and its epic at every spot.

thank god there are still semi secret/hard to accesss/spots that work on alternative conditions to keep all u people searching and surfing dud waves while we sneek off to the good spot.

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