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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East Coast

Australia, VIC

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By , 21-12-2005

Gabo island. - Im thinking of camping (for maybe a month) somewhere between far south coast NSW to maybe even Gabo Island.
Anyway i used to have a write up on Gabo island saying it pumps.
I cant find it, is it any good in small swells or is it fickle and needs big swells?
I can ride pretty much any sort of wave, but i need some isolation for a while.
Just wondering what Gabl island would be like for a camping session, and if its consistant.
Ps is it hollow?
is it long?
How often do NE winds blow in summer-march on this stretch?

By anonymous , 31-12-2004

There is surf - Check a Place called saltwater for some secluded but very worthwhile waves

By Local , 05-08-2003

waves are there - well there are banks along the 90 mile beach and they do crank but every one usally bypasses the towns like seaspray but dosnt worry the locals any way but there is waves especially at the river mouths

By anonymous , 05-06-2003

no title - I've seen some photos of this coastline from a plane. Around the headlands and rivermouths there looks as though there are some waves worth surfing. Probably pretty hard to get to though.

By anonymous , 11-10-2001

Dave - You all reckon there is no surf once you pass Wilson's Promontory, apart from Red Bluff, Bastion Point and Gabo Island. This is just what the locals want you to think. However, there are plenty of good sandbars and a couple of secluded reefs which consistently fire. Have a look around, you might be suprised. Sometimes access is dificult.

By anonymous , 08-07-2001

J-BO - A boat is your best friend in this area as access from the land is very difficult. Check the rivermouths there are lonely barrels waiting.

By LozzaC , 29-01-2001

East coast - It should be noted that there is basically no surf from Wilson's Prom. to at least Lakes Entrance(all of which coastline is known as the 90 Mile beach).From Lakes to the N.S.W. border there is good wilderness surfing.

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