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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By anonymous , 01-10-2004

cyclops - can anybody please (only if you know) give me the PROPER location to cyclops? iv been lead on a wild goose chase and me and my mate found this other sick, secret break that we named "Entrails". its a really fucked up wave.ITs thick and over a rock ledge and its really warped. but now im looking for cyclops. Imn guessing its in the low part of Western Australia or South Australia. Any help would be sick. cheers.

By anonymous , 23-09-2004

u fool - whoever wrote all that crap about how tassie surfers need 2 "grow up" and how we werent out there in the huge 25ft.+ swells, ur a stupid wanker. Who's Andy Campbell? A Tasmanian. Dustin Hollick? Tasmanian. I know heaps of guys from other states surf here aswell but there are a host of crazy guys who surf this place and alot of them are tasmanian u fool. get ur facts straight and stop dribbling ur shit.

By anonymous , 19-08-2004

Its Cyclops Buddy - There is no way that this is crazier than cyclops. It way be way bigger but its not as dangerous. Cyclops is like nothing else in the world. Its impossible for anyone, even tow-ins, to take off at the peak there. The Billabong Odyssey crew were towing on the shoulder and the wave had caught up to them in like a second. There are also pics in Movement bodyboard mag were the wave from top to bottom is like 10' hawaiian and the lip is like 7 foot thick. no jokes. A bodyboarder broke his back on the end section after it caught up to him. And he had started way, way in front of the peak.

By xan , 16-08-2004

????????????? - hi i was just wondering how much we really no about shippies cause in ur report it says"It Requires S-SE winds, 6 foot swell and can hold up to 30 foot. This right-hander also requires a medium to high tide to cover " but in the bit above it its say"
Tide & Swell
tide position Low tide only
tide movement Rising and Falling Tides
swell size Starts working at 2.0m-2.5m / 6ft-8ft and holds up to 5m / 16ft and over
swell direction West, SouthWest,
wind NorthWest,

so really i dont no wheni should surf it... well im not going to but if u were u would have a clue????

By Brass Monkey , 16-07-2004

not to be taken lightly - This wave is a death trap. Surfed it with a couple of mates in april, and ive never felt more relief then when i put my feet back on dry land. In a session just shy of 2hrs(due the bloody freezing conditions and craziness) i caught a total of 4 waves. That barrel is so quick, first it looks inviting then out of nowhere ledge after ledge. Made 1 nearly drowned on two, VERTICAL NIGHTMARES!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 14-07-2004

yeah - anybody know where it is cause ia wanna body surf it

By Adam pira - the georgian king , 08-07-2004

Cyclopes - Its in georgia right next to the black sea

By annoynomous , 06-07-2004

where - where is cyclope?? exactly

By anonymous , 25-06-2004

geez - to geez, id like to see you try it!

By death wish , 22-06-2004

love this wave - Why would u surf this wave? Cuz its a thrill! Hey i love to surf big crazy waves just for the fun of it. Its just u and mother nature, your the only one that can save yourself, use your skill to escape mortal danger, get tubed, get air, get axed its a sweet lottery of chance. Australia is packed full of phyco waves , and i am scared of all of them... But thats why i love them!

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