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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By anonymous , 02-02-2005

You're the idiot. - Just a hint mate : I reckon keith *might* have been taking the piss. Better luck next time.

By bb , 17-01-2005

You're an Idiot - kieth you are the biggest loser. You think you are hardcore talking your self uup on the net when nobody even knows if your good or not. You probably suck but just do this to make you feel good about yourself. Hardcore my ass poofter.

By central coast is the best , 08-01-2005

shippies is fuked up - if any one thinks that shipies is a good wave they are fuked in the head coz it doesnt even have a nice apearence + the people that wanna surf it all of u are pretty fuked in the head aswell coz ur there to have fun when surfing not trying to get killed and riskin ya life.all u people need to go and surf real breaks which are ridable like central coast waves

By the keith , 14-11-2004

hardcore super star - i wanna surf shippies cause im harcore, i charge big time surf dudes and all my bros in cali think im crazy.... they are correctamundo.
who wants to watch me out there all i need is my 7'2 merrick and my 4'3 oneill you aussies don't know what a treat you are in for when keith jackson rolls into town... hardcore super star!!!!!

By anonymous , 31-10-2004

CUZ I AM A BOOGER - i am a bodyboarder, i just dont really mind the name booger and i figured, well i didnt figure you should just check out the sick vids and think before you burn a bb'er next time. We shouldnt fight when we want the same thing, epic waves.

By anonymous , 26-10-2004

CORK IT - Why do you give props to the bodyboarders on the fluid video,but call them "boogers" in your letter?Sounds like another surfer in denial.

By anonymous , 20-10-2004

Real Shipsterns - If you wanna see what shippies can do check out the video section of its boogers but there are some nuts waves. The last wave on the vid is waaay bigger than that andy cambell barrel. Theres also heaps of other videos that show how much harder bodyboarders charge heavies like Shark Island. If you check the Tension Video Premier pics there is a sick pic of Teahupoo. Way bigger than anything any surfers have paddled into. Tow-ins are still way ahead though.

By cyclops local , 18-10-2004

cyclops - Cyclops is near esperance in western australia. Take a boat and head around the islands to a large flat smooth rock which projects out of the water. The wave is right in front of it, try to surf it on high tide, cause on low is too shallow and tends to shut down. Have surfed it small but you really need sw swell and really light winds cause its so exposed. Thats all i'm saying. I don't care about telling people where it is cause not many people would ever take of on it if they actually go there and see it. Make sure you really dar in when you paddle for a wave cause it moves so fast it is real hard to get onto the wave!


By anonymous , 14-10-2004

yeiw - l Charged it bout 50 foot and pulled a massive air reverse it is a bit tame looking for somwthing bit heavier.

By , 09-10-2004

clops - cyclops is about a 10 minute paddle south of shippies. which are both sand bars, not rock reefs. do your research boys. these breaks are about as cold and heavy as cappucino froth

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