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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By Awestruck , 01-04-2005

The Real Deal - Forget all the wankers that think this is urban legend etc. This place is for real. Ive never surfed it and never will, but Ive seen it and heard it and I can tell you it is scary.I reckon its only a matter of time before someone gets real fucked up on this wave, and its hours from medical help. When you stand on shipstern bluff looking out over the break, on a monster swell, the sound of the thing is unbelievable and when the barrel spits, wow.. thats all I can say. Still pics do this place no justice. If you live in Southern Tassie, check the swell charts for a big SW swell and head down, if only to gaze in amazement at the beast. Its a great place for bushwalking too!

By anonymous , 15-03-2005

biggest wave ridden - Did andy campbell ride the biggest wave ridden here (84 foot) and then get 50,000 for doing it? I doubt it because the biggest waves are at Jaws Cortez and MAvs but just a question

By the keith , 01-03-2005

yeah mitcho - no worries mitcho... pack your cahones buddy

By mitcho , 27-02-2005

the keith rules - let me know when youll be in town k dog... ill show you how its done

By the keith , 17-02-2005

crazy mo-fo keitho - yeah bb as i said b4 my bro's think i am crazy(i am) thats why i wanna surf shippies.... wanna cheer me on from the rocks with your tail between your legs dude-man?.

By bb , 17-02-2005

crazy - Anybody who would surf here is crazy. I'd rather go pipe cause at least there's other people surfing there.

By anonymous , 15-02-2005

whoa - dude this looks thicker than teahpoo.

By bb , 09-02-2005

hahahaha - you are allready my hero mate. Just reading what you've written makes me fascinated. LOL

By the keith , 05-02-2005

hardcore comin atchha like cleopatrahh - hey bb chill out dude man, i am sooo hardcore... man if you saw me charge mex pipe in season i would be your hero.
i also live in tibet with monks and break stones with my balls four months of the year... ha ha ha

By bb , 04-02-2005

I know - i know he was buddy i was my self(:

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