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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By rightaggot , 24-10-2005

shippes - this is by far the heaviest spot, i have seen the box, margeret river, cactus, shark island.. even this is big... but no way...this place has no regret, i live nearby and mountain bike in quiet a few times, and i have some big fotos... no one can take this place on in its peak..... no need to worry about red necks here, and there are killer buds just over the first rise on the walk... foloow the white rocks

By Girls Blouse! , 16-10-2005

Awesome Tassie - I'm from W.A. but met an awesome chick from Tassie, so what better excuse to go and visit the Apple Isle. I just want to say that Shippies was a piece of piss to find. It's a fantastic walk, and when you do get your first glimpse of the ocean, it's literally breath taking. Cyclops or Shippies...who cares? They're both real nasty and not my type of wave. This place is serious, you really don't want to get hurt here as it'a hell of hike. The day that I went there, there was no swell anywhere! Even around some of local exposed beaches there was about 1 foot of swell dribbling along the banks. When I got to Shippies, conditions were perfect, no wind, glassy and no I thought. I sat and watched for while and then a set reared it's ugly head and I was staring straight into a nice open pit. It was about this time I started to say "fuck-off" quite frequently. There was not a soul around, it looked perfect, the water looked cold, dark and and very deep and I thought to myself "there's no way I'm surfing this joint on my own with no one out". Call me want you want, but I'd say that common sense prevailed - considering that common sense isn't all that common! Tassie is awesome, and that day - not only did I find Shipsterns, but I also had confirmation that their has been no incestual activities among my partners awesome family. Phew!

By koalanuts , 08-10-2005

furry balls - i live in premaydena next to nubeena and seen this shit firing... and be on the rocks or stay at home. i watched some unknown booger drop in half way along the shoulder and still free fell... good mountain biking around too. and some of the best bud's in the state, ask at the white beach caravan park. and best meat pies at the nubeena bakery. cause god damn its cold in winter. by far the widest barrel in aussie, i've seen cactus, the box, margeret river, and the goldie region. didn't come close...

By anonymous , 07-10-2005

- seriously that is death 10 points for anyone from me that even gets wet within 100m of that place.

By anonymous , 07-10-2005

- ill switchfoot that cunt and backdoor it, on a skimboard in my new boardies mum got me.

By anonymous , 20-09-2005

under rated - i think that teahpoo is lik way to over rated compared to shipsters that is like crazy shit!

By anonymous , 19-09-2005

- cyclops is heavyer

By anonymous , 15-09-2005

- i dont understand where these comparisons to teahupoo came from...? one's a left, the other a right. one is utter perfection when its on, while the other is still laced with steps and boils when its all time. one is tropical, the other cold and treacherous. correct me if im wrong...

By anonymous , 28-07-2005

true directions - 43d 12' 34.05" S 147d 45' 12.65" E
(you take off where these intercept)

By anonymous , 15-07-2005

- yeah,not to bad.Ireckon its got nothing on that left in vico everyones talking about,at least the wave in vico isn't as fickle shipsterns.

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