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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By J D.... north narrabeen , 09-02-2006

dustin? - is that you dustin... i met you in sumbawa.... you were an aggro little (5'2) prick over there aswell,,, there is a photo of you in a local surf shops front window in sydney.... me and the boys drew all over it and you are the laughing stock of collaroy, every pissed person, driver by (main road), passer by etc gets to see you with.... well lets just say a suggestive manner... he he.

wanna show me round the west coast in a few weeks.

By Dustin , 23-01-2006

put your money where your mouth is - Hey net surfers my brother put me onto this site and iwas amazed to see the claims some people are layin down!! Shipsterns is an unreal place and a fantastic wave it is truly nature at its finest!! as for all the bullshit abpout who would ride it who wouldn't surf chopes etc, who cares apart from you pussys who are to scared to sign your names, the reason ross an that surf it on day one is coz they get paid big money to do one day rape and pillage sessions we have to work all year to get our buts overseas to surtf good waves which incedentaly we do!! for fun and the thrill not to claim or any of that crap.The photographers get paid for the photos not us, we are just out there doin what we would be doin anyway. The first time i surfed the stern the photogs were already there which pissed me off as it was a special place for me and my girl friend who died just around the corner from there five years ago. Pull your head in guys unless you have a clue what your talking about and have the guts to sign your name. as for the challenge of surfing jaws or chopes if someone was prepared to pay for me to do it i would forever be greatful to them for allowing me the opportunity to face such an awesome challenge. See you in the water

By Buff , 22-01-2006

losers - It's a sick wave, dont care what anyone says. hasn't even been surfed at it's biggest yet either. Cant paddle into it over 10-12ft so alot of the big waves go to waste unless the boys have the ski down there. Alot different to jaws which OBVIOUSLY is a bigger wave, no shit everyone knows that, but as far as big heavy barrels go it's up there

By anonymous , 16-12-2005

Sounds like hype - Hey why would it take those Tassie surfers a whole month to surf Teahupoo. Do they have to learn how to surf BIG waves?
Sounds suss to me.
Ross Clark took on Shipstern the day after he arrived in Tassie.
Why have'nt they surfed any other big waves in the world?
Maybe Ross Clark was right when he gave such a poor rating to Shipstern.
Your boys need to prove themselves away from there home break, get themselves onto some decent 60 foot plus faces.

By Baza , 16-12-2005

Giving it away - Chiza I could care what you think.
Your just another wanna be trying to make a buck from any Tasmanian break you can find.
How many waves have you, Andrew, Polly, Dustin and the crew now re-named and exposed to everyone!
What are you going to do when there are no more of our waves to expose?
And for what nickles and dimes ... mate your giving it all away ... for a BIG ego trip. I guess it will be all to late by the time you guys realise what you have taken away from all Tasmanian surfers.
And don't for a second think that Tassie surfers don't care. Only the kids at Clifton are impressed with you guys now.

By anonymous , 09-12-2005

- aye u give andy campbell dustin and any of the tassie guys who regularly surf stern the money to go to tahiti and live there for a month and theyll be there. you have a bit to learn, give respect where is due. both stern and chopes are equally as dangerous in there own right and leave your real name please this is interesting..chiza

By just a local tassie surfer , 06-12-2005

Its no Teahupoo or Jaws - Sean Davey told David Guiney, that Teahupoo was WAY heavier than Shipstern Bluff. (David Guiney is the first person to surf Shipstern ... a New Zealander ... he surfed it for a few years by himself .. he foolishly showed it to Andrew Campbell).

Ask Andrew Campbell, Dustin Hollick and the rest of these Tassie Hero's if they have ever surfed Teahupoo or Jaws ... I can assure you they will be lying if they say yes.
Why have these BIG wave riders never surfed these waves ... because they can't!!
Shipstern is not even close to comparing to real BIG waves and these guys are NOT big wave riders. They are just poor local Tassie surfers trying to make a buck and so Shipsterns is being pumped up to make that buck. Man they are trying to sell doona covers with their faces on them ... its desperate times down here ... South Of The Boarder.

By J , 01-12-2005

nuts - This place is so fuckin crazy. I reckon what with all those lips and everything, it looks heavier than chopes or cyclops.

By a Local , 21-11-2005

Shipstern ... true directions. - Shipstern IS on the Tasman Peninsula in the Tasman National Park. It is on the bushwalking trail to Tunnel Bay.
The easiest way to get there is. Go to Nubeena via Koonya on Highway B37. (2 hours from Hobart). Drive through Nubeena heading towards Port Arthur, about 3km outside of Nubeena turn off to the right to Stormlea, this is a well maintained dirt road aprox 8km long, it ends at the begining of the Bushwalking Track to Tunnel Bay. Park your car off the road so as the local farmers can still access their properties. To reach the cliff and see Shipstern takes about 20 min easy walking. To get all the way to Shipstern takes aprox 1 1/2 hours.
If you are going to paddle out here ... DONT GO OFF THE ROCK LEDGE, you could get killed ... this is no bullshit. Paddle out from the small rocky beach to the left/east of the Bluff. Surfing this place from shore on a BIG swell is a serious risk and locals who surf it BIG use boats. Surfing this place when its HUGE has NOT been done, and anyone who tells you they have surfed this on a 5 - 6 mtr plus swell are full of S-H-I-T. When the swell wraps into Raoul Bay 4 mtrs plus ... you will find this place deserted ... all the local Hell Men/Women are no-where to be seen.

By rach , 04-11-2005

anyone seen lage do pescador in portugal? - In portugal this january everywhere was maxed out so I decided to go for a walk on the cliffs near arrifana/monte clerigo -I think I may have stumbled on another big wave spot. I thought it would be unsurfable due to the rocks so close by, but seeing these pics of shipsterns I reckon its makeable. I'd like to know if anyone has surfed it, or would surf it. I've put the pictures on this site so if anyone wants to have a look I'd love to know.

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