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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By Nicko , 22-05-2006

Scary - surf there it is so small just kidding it is a fucking grave yard it is huge just kooling off the rocks it is huge

By anonymous , 17-05-2006

your gotta be joking - wah wah wah, my friend broke their bak, haha that dont mean shit, like u even have a friend and like they'd surf cyclops

By Chile surf , 20-04-2006

easy - ive done it xD!

By mahnos , 13-04-2006

verses - I'd say shipsterns looks a nastiers piece of work cos of the rocks n cliff, but people say cyclopes is the heavier wave. I'd say much of a muchness... It's like trying to say what's hotter chilli or mustard it really come down to personal pref a war of words that can't be won!... cyclopes just looks cleaner n oh so mean with that thick glassy lip. but go the west aust waves.... ewwwwwhhhh

By Lil Biggs , 13-04-2006

- Foto 15 is of laurie towner a pro teen surfer from yamba so dont fuken lie about the pics

By big mitch , 10-04-2006

idiot - u r an idiot the fact that some1 broke there bak has nothing to do with the power or heaviness of the wave
it depends how the person hit the reef or for that matter sand bank, my mate broke his bak havin a lil shorey fun at this pathetic little beachy in bout 2ft shoreys as he landed on his neck and broke his back. even if shippies isnt heavier than cyclops its alot more sketch, i would rather surf cyclops anyday over shippies and shippies breaks infront of a cliffe that will eat u harder anyday more harder than clops.

By anonymous , 02-04-2006

Aloha from pipeline - Not so smug now Dustbin ... come back anytime

By anonymous , 16-03-2006

- i no places in vicco were people have broken there back and died. the waves in vic are soft compared to these waves but that doesnt mean that cyclops is more powerful than shipsterns because someone broke there back there.

By a name , 13-03-2006

cyclops - "tom 15" seriously u cant measure cyclops heavier bcoz someone broke their back there, both real heavy dangerous waves, both break on a different contour of reef.

By tom 15 nsw ,aus , 06-03-2006

not the heaviest - there is noway shipsterns is heavier than cyclops. cyclops has broken a guys back and if u take of wrong u just get smashed.

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