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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By NMD , 04-07-2006

shippies - Never set our eyes on this place before it was first exposed in 2001??? Get real man, myself and a group of tas local guys have been surfing this place awhile before it was exposed. I have been making boards for ages and have total respect for anywhere around aussie. This place is wicked and I've been down there with Ben and his bro a few times, the biggest at nearly 20ft. Keep it real guys, good work with the website.

By Elliott Lovell , 01-07-2006

Would u surf shippies - Surfed it once, never will again. One of the heaviest waves in the world and it will claim a life one day.

By Anonymous , 25-06-2006

- of corse its not mitch rawlins writing... he is too busy charging bigger and better. i suggest that the little groupie wishing he could actually bodyboard shoould get a life!!!!!

By anonymous , 24-06-2006

on ya mitchy - good o ya mitch how can anyway talk shti about waves when u are the only one here tht is a pro u mite not meba me but i was out wid u at the box in margs..u charge heavy and hard and thats wat i like ot see as a grom...keep it up mate mite see u out in thewater agen soon :D yew!! this year is urs

By jimmie , 20-06-2006

- have never surfed it and never will, my respect goes out to all that do.

By Anonymous , 17-06-2006

....... - I went 2 shippies not long ago and it was fuckin scary shit. never been 2 WA so i cant really compare tho.....

By Anonymous , 13-06-2006

- if you are mitch rawlings you are an idiot, if not you are a bigger idiot

By Mitchell Rawlins , 12-06-2006

. - Mate, I may not be the biggest bloke, but, obviously i will continue to go bigger, heavier waves than you. And as I am at the pinnicle of my success i don't think your in any position to have a go at me. Go back to your two foot beachys please.

By jeses himself , 06-06-2006

go back to primary school - mitch if that actually is u writing that ,stop acting so macho,ur at ur tallest ur prob 5ft maybe

By Mitch Rawlins , 26-05-2006

Stop claiming - read the new Riptide that is out and you will see me at shipsterns on a 15 foot + day ok my name is mitch rawlins and this place is no big deal. Cyclops is way heavier.

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