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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By Martin Bryant , 06-06-2004

Wrong directions - gday the directions that are given are wrong. It is near Nubeena but the turnoff is 5mins before nubeena ,( coming from Port Arthur) , which will take you to stormsea . Follow this road to the end and it will take you to a part of the Cape Raoul Nat. Park . Then just follow the directions to the bluff. Good 1.5 hour walk in over undulating rocky terrain.Very long way from medical help .(would have to put most people off surfing there).Spooky Spooky place.

By alex , 25-04-2004

you tool - its real you fool, photoshopping is fully gay.

By anonymous , 12-04-2004

re; no title - yeah mate, i agree. All this ultra-commercial, surf mag/TV pushed crap is fucked. who gives a shit abt some mob giving 80 grand etc etc?? Im up Qld and all that shit is what keeps pumping out brand new RVs, with 8 ft mals strapped to th top, onto our highways...balls needed to be there in th first place. Then again, i could well be a bitter oldie (32) that has had it to th back teeth of Easter Queensland nice Broken Head. Cant complain ;)

By anonymous , 08-04-2004

no title - The world's spinning faster;in every sport performance levelsgo up a notch every month it seems.Fragmenting developing ,always pushing.All respect to guys who can do this - me,I'll just watch the spectacle from the shoulder.And say alittle prayer for their mothers every time they take off.

By Pissed of Taswegian , 08-04-2004

your all a bunch of fucken waffles (almost) - firstly to "Big Dave". you fucken dickhead. this wavae is all real. it was in all the tassie papers and if it was fake then they did a fucken good job PS i have seen video of it and if know of somebody that can photoshop video, then i would love to meet them. you twat.secondly, whoever the fuck said that andy campbell won the 80000 is full of shit because that $80000 is coming from teh Billabong XXL awards that haven't even been judged yet. but Andy has made the finals withit (this also answers the daft twat that wrote the "bull$hit" comment. Ya dickhead). next, to the numnuts that wrote the "Andy Campells won $80 G for mutant wave?" comment. they are the same wave you fuckwit. don't comment on things you know nothing about. also andy wasn't riding a tow in board, merely a regular board with weights strapped to it. you gotta give the guy credit for that.

By Nointchburger , 08-04-2004

no title - Check out the reality...THOSE PICS ARE REAL!

By anonymous , 08-04-2004

Hmm... - Well actually THOSE pics have been doing the rounds in most of the mags...they're in 'Surfer' mag...

By fefu , 07-04-2004

stop the fuck around - you see you think surfing has reach the ultimate but one day pops a new isane wave with a bunch of locals who say "let do it man lets surf that shit...after all its our backyard" and then surfing discovers new limits and limits are pushed beyond... Respect for the guys who charge that "thing" but I am not sure if they really have a lot of fun, I am sure that one of them will loose his life one day there...I am not sure if it worth loosing one life for but I am sure that this wave is insane and moreover its insane to give people 80 000 to take the it for free if this is what you got in your backyard! if you do it for money you are not a surfer you are a desperate brainless freak who'd do anything for a bunch of bucks...the sad thing is to imagine what the guy does with the money...maybe pay his debts, or finance a trip to las vegas...what nature gives you for free should be taken for free.

By And I'm Blind and Surf 40' Teahpoo...Switch. , 06-04-2004

BULL$HIT - $80,000? So who put up this $80,000 that Campell allegedly won?

By anonymous , 06-04-2004

Dunno - I reckon I have more fun at my local beach. That is just macho bullshit for people with small willies. $80000 to surf that wave? What a joke. He is going uphill there and will either bleed off his speed and die or wasn't there anyway due to photoshop. It isn't a camera angle job. You can just see that. They might have put a shrunken version of him onto an empty wave. Looks pretty mad though. I would sit on the shoulder and watch that.

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