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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, TAS, Hobart

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By jim , 27-05-2009

taz surfn - hey im a local surfer from nubeena taz and i for one think the best breaks in taz like keplies bone yards and duck holes locations are best kept to the locals,we don't want these spots ruined by overcrowding and such,so i for 1 wont ever tell people the locations because i surf to relax and of course the adrenalin rush,lol so think twice befor you go telling everyone were these spots are please.

By Anonymous , 07-11-2008

kelpies point - im heading down to my shack at eaglehawk for a surf soon and i was wondering what conditions it takes for kelpies to be surfable

By jason , 24-01-2008

confusion - the directions given are for to different breaks on is shipsterns and the other a possible little known break called bluff reef a heavy right and an unsurfable left holds mamoth swell both are epic waves i know i have surfed both, The only other break that has scared me as much is aileens in ireland.

By Michael H. , 01-04-2007

- whoever sent in the directions was obviously chomping on some of tasmanias wild mushrooms.Shipstemns bluff is near Hobart on the southcoast. Marrawah and Arthurs river are actually on the west coast about a five hour drive away.Maybe this fool was trying to throw potential riders off track. having said that though the west coast of Tas has probably the best selection of uncrowded waves in the state. the whole west coast is practically isolateded with extremely wild weather. In the winter it is not uncommon to see five or six metre swells.

By Anonymous , 21-03-2007

Weak! - This place is like big teahupu meets your everday crappy, boil ridden semi-surfable spot that you used to surf before you got good but now you know there's cleaner, more perfect waves out there. Teahupu is heavier and a better wave. If you're serious about slabs nothing beats the QUALITY OF THAT WAVE. But challengewise as far as the probability of you making a wave at Bluffs, it's much heavier. A clean drop at Shipsterns doesn't guarantee you a cavern with an exit. It's a roll of the dice...just hold on in the barrel long enough to get rolled into deep water. Those rocks are real but the wedge'll push you past the finger reef if you aren't trying to backdoor it. As far as the tides go-the ridability of the wave will be self evident once you're close(a strong imagination is advised) plus after the long boat ride or hike, chances are you'll be staying long enough to wait an incoming tide...oops. Sorry...have fun

By pdiidy , 12-02-2007

nude bodysurfing - hahahah, 2001, i bodysurfed this joint in 1977 while on my 6 year voyage througout the world, the place was macking at around 15-20 foot. the steps in the wave face claimed me many times, however as the swell rose through out the day the wave face was much cleaner, i rode out of a genuine 20 footer that day! bodysurfing is not for everyone, and it helps if you have a decent rudder if ya know what i mean.

By stud , 19-01-2007

boring - Very average wave, nothing special

By Anonymous , 11-10-2006

andy campbell - your right about andy campbell, he surfed eagle hawk neck reef when he was 15 and that get f*#king crazy. great dude

By Mick dog , 25-08-2006

Buff and Datto - he he...Buff...built like a buffalo.

Ya is Mick dog saw you guys messages had to laugh with the all crap said here(including the post about ya pic in sumbawa being in a surf shop window etc)anyways good onya for charging dat beast.
PS. speaking of Indo I ended up marrying an indo gal:P

Have to laugh also that someone got the directions totally wrong,Nubena and Arthur river are at totally different ends of the island.
Seems like they got the name and directions of two waves mixed up.

And to anyone who suggest Andy Cambell wouldn't charge other big heavy arse spots if he could get there, you don't know shit that dude has a big mouth but even bigger balls, totally fearless.

By olivia , 16-08-2006

honest - go mitch rawlins ur so hott seen ya on tensions im a surfer and u are crazy never been to shipsterns would luv too wanna get around the world and check out some big surf never really had the chance my bro was gunna go to some island with ben player and whinny so luffing ur stuff keep up ride heavy mwa xoxo olivia

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