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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By nato , 03-01-2009

Plz read - man how many arguments are there in all these south oz spots people from interstate complaining about locals or the surf. Theres always some dud locals anywhere i think us sa locals are the most appreciative surfers we are the soul surfers just out for joy of riding the waves anyway when a sik day comes we help each other out share the waves and are just friendly. You cocky interstate people have to giv our waves a chance like anywhere and cant go into a sesh thinking ur gona own it. Thats how visitors dont get respect by locals. Sayn that i luv seeing people from out of state come here and explore our waves and luvn unlike the people thatw whine because it isnt so soft over here. Just appreciate and hopefully this helps u guys to think and learn. funny how this comes out of a 13 year olds mouth if i can realise u shuld too

By Anonymous , 12-09-2008

Piddleton - Go to the Middleton bakery and you'll see this on a surfboard on the sidepart:

"Welcome to Middleton the pies arent as sloppy as the surf"

By Anonymous , 12-09-2008

yeeow - The South Australian Surf Scene rules because most of the spots they've put on this website are to keep the interstate fags and the North Adelaide bogans off the good breaks

By Anonymous , 03-02-2008

Luna Park - Stuff monies, head down to princetown and surf luna park, the locals are friendly, and love it if you can brings skis to have races with them. They also will let you sell prints of their break in the general store, if you get a good photo. Princetown locals are the best.

By Anonymous , 13-01-2008

- more than 2 people per car, frothing or a convoy and you will be VERY unwelcomed in this area....

By Anonymous , 13-01-2008

Monuments - I am sick to death of young bodyboarders giving away spots coz they think they will get some sort of (i feel special) reward or something! Ill tell ya what reward you get, one day you will rock up to your favourite secret spot and it will be crowded with interstate pricks, keep it low SA crew, theres too many lips flapping.

By Anonymous , 06-01-2008

monuments - hey jeremy creswell here, monies is in the southeren part of port lincon area. go along the coast and you will end up along steep cliffs. keep going left facing the ocean and you will be sure to find it. hope have helped and honey bone is a fag

By Anonymous , 09-12-2007

- To the guy wanting to know where Monuments is, just ask Mike Honeybone. He will be more than happy to tell you exactly where the place is. He is also willing to give you a gobbie if you will put him on a bodyboard DVD you are making.

By Anonymous , 27-11-2007

hey guys - im heading down to SA soon for a week for probably my first and last time
i would love to surf monuments and would appreciate any hints as to where it is!


By chad , 14-11-2007

curly - if you cant handle the heat, get outta the kitchen, peace

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