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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Australia, SA, Nullarbor

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By heaps happy , 05-01-2010

mr. anon - to whoever gives up the directions to secret spots can you please leave your name and adress so we can all come round and thank you personaly!

By Anonymous , 08-10-2007

ladders - have you posted this footage of ladders anywhere??

By D fm SD , 24-06-2005

Penong island? - The map shows a small island off Penong. Is there any surf there? Looks like an ideal position for swell.

By anonymous , 24-06-2005

wa surfa - yea ladders is freckin crazy. I didnt have the balls to surf it, but some of the footage I scored was unbelieveable

By anonymous , 14-06-2005

WA surfa - is there a spot in the nullabor, or great australian bite called "ladders"...i heard its fukin insane

By mooga , 25-06-2004

Spoggies is my home - Spoggs is a sik wave and ne one that pays it out doesnt know wat a good wave is or they havnt seen it on a good day.

By Marty , 30-10-2003

Sproggies OK....Not Spoggies - When did they take the 'R' out of Sproggies? that's a good name for a surf break.......

By peppi , 08-10-2003

bites rim! - Mate this place is fucken shithouse! it bites major rim and the surf is fucked. Nothing but offshore blowing its ring out most of the day, and if isnt its to small to surf. I wouldnt waste my time.

By Leonard Skinner , 20-03-2003

Leonards reply - To anon from 12th of march,thought id suss out what sort of reaction id get from my message,well mate,you take the cake.Not in my saddest moments would I have thought such a knob would exsist and be so blind to good ol humour,but there you go.Anyone who goes here,I hope its 10 ft,cause Mr Anon sounds like hes gunna put on a show.Mate you should lighten up and learn some manners cause telling people to fuck off is just not on,especially from the comfort of your computer desk.Maybe you can call yourself Mr 10 ft...PS,may the spirit of adventurous surfing live on.

By scuba , 18-03-2003

how frequent??? - how frequent does this wave break???
i hate it wen people dont fill in every thin wen they add a spot, grrrr

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