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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Eyre Peninsula

Australia, SA

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By swarbs , 10-04-2011

Have a nice day!!! - Haven't been over that way for a while but an update to the page is well worth it just to get everyone fired up again!!! I expect everyone to be giving waves to each other just like locals always have in South Oz. Especially around Streaky. Whenever I am there it is always friendly, the fishing is great(only catch what you can eat), Streaky pub has got to be one of the best if not the best pub in Oz, the back beach and protected bays are great for kids when the swells not up and the waves aren't that crowded even though at times you wish there were more people in the water because of old man in grey suit!!! No I'm not a local but I am a ratepayer and I spend a fair bit of time there when I can. But I don't paddle out and think I can do what I want. There is a pecking order and travelling surfers are generally at the bottom but that can change quickly!!! If you spend all that time to travel to South Oz you have to have time up your sleeve. Generally when the waves are on there are heaps so give a wave to someone you don't know-he might just be the heavy local. It's easy you just say "go for it mate" and whadyya know. You can have just about any wave you want(unless his mates are on the inside or you have caught heaps already get the idea) I'm not saying everyone does it but there is a "rape and pillage" mentality with a lot of travelling surfers-especially groups of guys who all wanna be the next world champ. You might think that the locals just smoke cones and surf all the time but most of these crew work hard in flies, wind and heat to make ends meet and a lot of them only get the chance to surf on the weekend. Generally that is when the knuckleheads turn up. Avoid surfing weekends at spots if it is crowded-find another spot. South Oz is about cruising and taking on some of the cruisiest/heaviest waves in Oz. You don't need agro or stress clouding the issue. Give a wave-have a good time. Say g'day and don't paddle to the inside constantly. Localism is here, accept it. You can't win everyone over but etiquete goes a long way. How ya going Dave and Staf!!!!! Hope no-one is cutting thru your yard Dave! Get some tubes at little island for me!!!! See you around June!!
Mark WA

By Anonymous , 19-05-2010

Eyre local - These comments are painful to read. Reality check people, it's 2010. Every one with the slightest interest and half a brain knows exactly where the top spots are, including Blackfellows. The local threats are the Boss Fish. (Kobi was right)

By Mick , 07-07-2008

Mad Local Hellmen - Amazing coast line but make sure you show the local guys a heap of respect. Some crazy surfers and waves that will intimidate the hell out of you (in and out of the water)if you dont show them some respect. They're another breed down there.

By Anonymous , 26-05-2008

Make sure you go! - If you are an adventurous spirit and willing to go with a positive and easygoing attitude you can find the best waves in the world on this coast. All you have to do is relax take your turn and be friendly. This coast should be exposed so everyone can enjoy it. My favourite base is streaky bay, you can go anywhere from there. It is also a great town, and we never had a problem.

By bonnet , 25-03-2008

eyre peninsula reality - keep blacks of the internet. its a special wave. and if your coming to elly, keep your cameras at home, and take your rubbish with you.

By dusty , 24-11-2006

not a place for most girls.. - I'll be honest, its very dry over there, dries out your skin so much. And hot as hell in summer, colder than ireland during winter. Flies everywhere, so bloody annoying. Sketchy local shop keepers straight out of the movie wolf creek.. Lots of roos to hit on the roads at night and early morning. And then there's the sharks that eat surfers and divers!! Enjoy your trip.

By Anonymous , 26-07-2006

wanna know - Is the eyre peninsula worth the trip? What about for a chick like myself looking to get away?

By anonymous , 10-04-2006

locals - you lads that rekn all the locals down here are all about fights and kickin you of their waves! if their is a couple two many lads out in the water and ya aint to keen on goin out travel any way on the coast and you are bound to get a perfect break all to your self!!!!!

By anonymous , 27-03-2006

locals locals yokals - your all fkn incest ugly n stupid, i hope u get eaten buy sharks, ps thinkn your sick ass watermen dsnt gain you any browny points with me,hawians,prosurfers,women or whoever it is u 'Hell Men' r trying to impress. and B4 you go saying your not trying to impress any1 thats the point, ask yourselves,, why is my mum an aunti the same person? then you will truely understand the meanings of your trivial lifes.. PS i hope you lose your legs to a shark and spen the rest of your days in a wheelchair

By kid , 10-07-2005

empty - yeh i think its good eyre peninsula is said to be overrated it keeps the crowds away. i have never really surfed round here without more then 5 guys being in the water.

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